Thursday, March 1, 2012

Pulaski Bike-2012

Quick post--doing brevet in two days then leaving for family visit--don't think I've seen my sister for 8 years.  Hopefully she'll correct my faulty memory.  Too close to brevet-trip to start taxes--so writing something is a good excuse to procrastinate.

Item 1--Found my long lost cycling brother.   Check out this great blog entry:

If I can ever get the Domo Farm Mercyx Team SC frame on the cheap its going up on the pot shelf over the entrance way

Item 2-Don bought a new bike while antiquing.  Dr. Dave says it reminds him of the Tappan Zee Bridge.  I think the frame is designed more like the Pulaski Skyway.


Majestic Tappan Zee Bridge to the left--funky General Pulaski Skyway (look at that drop at the end of the bridge) to the right.  Images from Wikipekia

     But maybe it is simple enough to compare to a Altamont train trestle

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