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Redwood Road-Claremont Avenue-da Bears-Mt. Diablo Potpourri Century (2012)

CENTURY #6 (February 25, 2012)  Redwood Road-Claremont Avenue-da Bears-Mt. Diablo Potpourri  Century, 98 miles ?? lots of climbing, with Cisco Dave & Jack fro first 75 miles

Was hoping to do Patterson Pass again today--hell--haven't done it in four days--but Club ride was going West instead of East.  Felt cold--especially after we had a few days in the 70's mid week--on Wednesday night I went out on the fixed gear without a vest and I'm a cold wimp.  But now back in the low 50's.  Having remnants of a cold didn't help regulate body temperature---compared to last weekend I felt great but on any exertion I became a snotball machine.

Sara telling everyone how she's going to ride by the cows and attack on the downhills
 Strange club ride--we had lots of people at the start but 1/2 would disappear before the first rest stop (@ mile 20), and 1/2 of who remained by the second rest stop (@ mile 30.)  Seemed that the Club used to do the whole ride and the bonus mile group would cut out near the end--but lately people just vanish.  And its not like I was riding at the front--on any hill when the leaders put in a big effort I fell back.  Then we spent lots of time at rest stops with people asking what happened to ????, and waiting to see who came up.    Club isn't as cohesive as it used to be.
Meanwhile Cisco Dave and I throwing out bonus mile ideas.   On our Peets Coffee ride we usually go down Claremont (steep) and up Tunnel (moderate.)  He suggested mid week to go down to Berkeley and come up Claremont--which I thought meant an out and back which I really didn't want to.  Day of ride I suggested going back up Centennial (steep), which would mean riding out through the campus.  Turns out Dave did racing intervals the day before and he wasn't sure he wanted to drop down to Berkeley and then back up--but I was all in as need the training for Devil Mountain Double and Alta Alpina.

So our Club ride took a clockwise route out to Castro Valley.  At 1st rest stop Ward had to take off before he locked up--especially when we just stayed there--stayed there---and stayed there.  At 2nd rest stop Stephen wondered why we needed to stop so soon, and he was right--but we also lagged a long time at it.  Meanwhile Jack said he was in for bonus miles, Dave proposed still coming up Claremont but dropping down on the steep Marlborough-Strathmore-Alvarado Road side streets which would keep us out of traffic.  Good in theory but not the greatest ride--more on this later.

Cyclocross Mark, Cisco Dave and Dr. Dave resplendent in his golden Grand Tour Double Jersey
 After getting dropped again on the Redwood Climb-I went West with Cisco Dave and Jack up to Skyline while the remnants of the Club continued East to Moraga.  Dave, trying to make the ride as hard as possible, raced a guy with a Roaring Mouse Cycling Jersey up to Skyline.  Actually Dave was gaining on this guy who kept turning around, and then tried to jump out when Dave got near--when Dave passed  the guy then suddenly turned around to go back downhill.

We stopped at Sibley Canyon on Skyline for water--a big group of red-white-blue clad cyclists there--in fact we'd see loads of cyclists (except most of those we started with) most of the day.  Soon we turned off the main road onto Marlborough for our descent into Berkeley.

Though no traffic the descent sucked.
1) Narrow steep streets that necessitated riding the brakes
2) Sudden U turns--I'm glad Cisco Dave knew where we were going.
3) Reasonably nice road surface scarred about a half dozen times with sudden major ruts in the road surface
4) We didn't wind up in Berkeley for the reclimb but came in half way up on the Claremont Climb.  Now the part we had to do was the steep part, but need to do a grinding long climb even if the part we missed is shallow.

What a view from the top of Skyline/ top of the Oakland Hills--SF and Bay Bridge in the background

Though cool the sun was out and visibility on the Oakland Hills was great.   When we got to Tilden Park Dave proposed going down South Park--another real steep road that is closed to traffic this time of year.  But unlike our earlier misadventure the road is straight and surfaced nicely and was a good call for the descent.

Cisco Dave on  the Bears before he turns off
Best portion of ride was yet to come--the Three Bears (moderate.).  Now on the side of the hills away from the Bay, weather jumped up +10 degrees.  Lots of people on the Bears--a big woman's training group being lead by a guy wearing a Climb to Kaiser jersey.  I was wearing mine and we bs'd about the ride--which is harder than the more famous "Death Ride."    Half way through the Bears Dave turned to do Happy Valley Road (steep) which gets him closer to home.
Jack on the Pig Climb
Rest of ride is uneventful, Jack splits when we get close to the Walnut Creek start and when I get back to the car its 3:00 and 78 miles are in.  Sun is also out full bore and its warmer than any other time of the day.  Though climbing all day (Schaefer Ranch, Redwood Road, Claremont, 3 Bears & The Pig) I felt pretty good.  What the hell, lets go up to the Mt. Diablo Junction (moderate) and make this a century.  Quickly made more drink mix, grabbed another packet of GU Chomps, a windbreaker, and started up.

Seemed like a great idea for ride to Mt. Diablo gate and first couple of miles on Diablo--nice and warm--no wind.  A few riders coming down, no one going up, not that many cars on the road.  Then suddenly an Animal Control vehicle with lights flashing went by and pulled over 200' in front.  About 50' in front of them were the tallest-fattest 'German Shepherds"  I had ever seen.  Oh yeah--I'm deathly afraid of dogs.

Wildlife on Diablo--all I know is they are not pink elephants

Great job by County Animal Control.  Antioch opted out of County Animal Control to save money--if this happened in Antioch they'd want to know if anyone was being eaten and if so to call back between 12-1 pm Tuesday and Thursday only.
Ranger pulls up to animal control. They walk up to the closer-smaller one and get him on a leash--while the bigger animal watches 100' away--and put him in the cage on the back of the truck.  .  I ain't going anywhere--and a few car start stacking up behind.  Now there are coyotes on Diablo but these were much much bigger--I asked the Animal Control officer what these were and he says "part grey wolf part------" I don't remember what the 2nd thing is as I'm blown away by the wolf part.  When Animal Control/ Ranger started walking towards the larger animal he took off in the brush.    Before taking off after him the Animal Control officer gave the sheriff a big rod "in case the animal turns on them."

I'm at the Junction--last climb of the day.
One SUV stacked up wanted to know what was going on and I showed them the photos.    Then I started up and the SUV was waiting a mile up to tell me to be careful--they saw Wolf X off on the side.  Oh crap--little shaken but kept going up to the Junction. 

Junction deserted except for one driver who I asked to handle photo duties.  Sun all of a sudden was rapidly setting and it wasn't as warm as the climb had made it.  Happy I took the windbreaker and going down I saw Animal Control/ Ranger off to the side--they already corralled the 2nd "Wolf X"    So no worries and back to the car.

Next week is the first organized event of the year--the start of the Davis Bike Club Brevet series.  We have a few people in for the 200k, and then a few weeks later is the welll supported 300k, the best bike ride bargain of the year.

120 miler next week should take  7 1/2 hours of riding time
100 milers that we've been doing taking 6 1/2 hours--slow as lost of climing involved

For the 100 mile self supported rides trying to down 40-60 g carbs and hour and 4-8 g protein an hour.  For this ride-
Drink Mix
Bottle 1 (Start Off 3x drink mix)
4 Cliff Electrolites--320 calories-76 g carbs- 0 g protein
Bottle 2 (Start off 5x drink mix, 3/4 frozen)
5 Perpetuem-675 calories- 135 g carbs- 18 g protein
Hammar Shot- 90 calories- 90 g carbs- 0 g protein
GU Chomps-2 packets- 360 calories- 92 g carbs- 0 grams protein
Cliff Z Bars-2 bars-*for kids*-260 calories- 46 g carbs- 6 grams protein
Cliff Bat-240 calories- 41 g carbs- 9 grams protein

So for 6 1/2 ride that's 1945 calories for 6 1/2 hours (300 calories an hour), 480 g carbs ( 74g hour) and 33 g protein ( 5g hour).   So (mostly thanks to drink mix) carbs running high and protein intake running at low end.  For brevet (+1 hour longer) will add a peanut butter and pumpkin butter sandwich--315 calories, 45 g carbs, 12 g protein which will help this imbalance.  Also add another portion of Cliff Electrolite drink mix.

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