Sunday, March 18, 2012

March Madness (2012)

Right after the 200k Davis brevet left to visit mom in Florida.  Added bonus, my sister and her two daughters are coming down--and I haven't seen them in 7 years.

Mom lives in one of the massive retiree condo complexes (think Del Boca Vista.)  Lowlight of the trip was when I was bs'ing with my sister in a common area patio and a resident came over and asked me

"so did you just move in?"


I shouldn't be surprised by this.  Twenty years ago the  NY Style Deli by mom's new house played 101 strings, Mantovani type music--YECH.  Last year I was shocked when the Door's Light My Fire was playing--one of my favorites.  This year they played something by No Doubt--my daughter's favorite group. 

My sister and I have the same philosophy--we don't like sitting around.  As my sister put it--we both think if we're both walking down A Street the greatest thing in the world is on B Street so we have to see that also.   So mid week we took a drive w/ mom down to Key West--unbeknownst to us it was smack in the middle of spring break.  Mom fit in--he has more to drink than me and my sister combined.    Oldest niece was the adult of our group and youngest one will rule the world one day.

Back to California and checked 5 day forecast for 300k brevet for the end of the week.  Also daylight savings started so can go up Mt. Diablo mid week.   No and no.  Forecast:  Monday-Heavy Rain, Tuesday-Heavy Rain, Wednesday-Heavy Rain, Thursday-Light Rain, Friday-Heavy Rain, Saturday (Brevet Day)-Heavy Rain.  ShitFuck

Which reminds me, one should check out Ward Industries' new adopted anthem .  Funniest video since 'Performance'

As it turned out it stormed on Friday night and for the 2nd year in a row we all bailed on the Davis 300k.  Next day sky was threatening and was cool but stayed dry as I cycled 50 miles around East County on my fixed gear in full rainwear (which I had never done) waiting for the deluge.  It never came and I was pissed at myself for not doing the Davis Brevet.  Came home and did some errands and going into Trader Joe's the sky turned black, it suddenly got cold, and the wind whipped up.  Leaving Trader Joe's, @5:30 it was coming down heavy & cold while people were running to their cars in the parking lot--and stayed that way for another 15 minutes whereas it then continued to rain but lighter for an hour or so.  If on the brevet I'd be about 30-40 miles out from the finish.

Scenes from East County (above) last two have Mt Diablo far in the background
Next morning you could hear the wind whipping around so I went back to sleep hoping that the wind would die down.  It didn't.   Oh what the hell--I don't want to go on the trainer--rather go cycling outside so figured I'd take my travel bike.  But tyres on travel bike had visible threads so I took out fixed again--so my cadence was either 122 with the wind or 37 against the wind.  Did the same loop as the day before.

If Central County where Mt Diablo, Palomares, Morgan and Calavares climbs are is the Tour De France area of the County--the windswept flat farmland and secondary roads of East County is Paris Roubaix.  The only climb of any note in the area--the dam in the watershed--is under expansion and will be closed for a few more months.  Even when it opens it pales in comparison to the choices in Central County.  Additionally, with plenty of disposable income, you can't go a mile in Central County without seeing a group of cyclists--but in foreclosure city-farmland-holyland East County you're shocking when you see one.  In the 100 miles I did in two days I saw 3 other cyclists--not counting the kids at the BMX park.  (I also saw 3 pit bulls on the loose which got my heart rate up)   But today windy flat barren East County was convenient and proved a good workout.

Postscript-3/25--a weekend later, more rain in forecast cancelling club ride up Mines Road.  Did the 50 miles Delta Pedaler loop again--adding a tour around Discovery Bay--a boating community that used to be pimped as only an hour away from San Francisco (by Fighter Jet.)  Came back 15 minutes before serious rain began.   Did see 6! cyclists today--but 4 were dressed in cheep (sic) suits and ties hawking god door to door.  So that's 5 cyclist in East Contra Costa County in 150 miles.   Cycling mecca it ain't.

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