Thursday, December 1, 2011

More Cycling Movies-Trip To Palomares

Lots of fun playing with a new toy--sports video camera. Also alot of work--not taking the shots but editing, After a ride wind up with 90 minutes of butt shots and try to get it down to 15 minutes, and splice in things that are interesting. (Yeah , I know, Sabrina Salerno in a tight jersey...) So on one nondescript ride I rode with the camera pointed towards my brake lever instead of straight ahead--and if I was coordinated enough to get my arm out of the way when riding side by side, I got some good stock profile shots to splice in (it will be up to astute movie viewer to catch when the camera angle changes, and a cyclist is suddenly wearing a different jersey.)

Also making a collection of Phil Liggett/ Paul Sherwin drops where they aren't talking about a specific race or racer but making general comments like "you have to consider all the imponderables." Huh? But, coming from their mouths it sounds like poetry and puts a nice break in the music.

Talk about an astute viewer, Curtis in Bikeland found a monster in my last video at 6:50

Anyway, not training for anything, too fn cold and day too short to ride 100 miles so Saturday's ride is usually a hilly metric. Prime co-instigator and chief photographer Ward is missed as on the shelf with a knee injury (my prediction is that he'll have a video cam for the bike next year) but other troublemaker, California Mike, back from exile in Riverside. A movie was made of our metric to Palomares and my new computer suddenly found its "obsolete point" by not being able to save 15 minutes at once so movie had to be split up. The Liggett/ Sherwin drops work nicely--especially for one part when Dr. Dave started hamming up on the ride when I told him we need more excitement in the video. "CHE' BESTIA!!" I'm still cracking up over that scene (yes, he did keep his pants on.)

Sound recorded from the camera is pretty bad--and for the two snippets of commentary I put in I had to go to another program and boast up the DB level. Then I bothered to read the instructions (usually an afterthought) where I could boast up the camera's DB level. I'll still just put in just a "smidgen" of actual dialog--I rather listen to Liggett/ Sherwin and music than my squeaky voice.

Must be the autumn light--a monster pops up in my last cycling movie...Sabrina pops out in this one.

Anyway--Trip to Palomares...Part 1 here

Trip to Palomares...Part 2 here

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