Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Muur de 20%+ Crockett Climb

Finding out that working on videos takes alot of time.  On a 5 hour ride (300 minutes)  shoot @120 clips about a half minute each, so have 60 minutes of footage.   From there have to aim to boil it down to 15 minutes--as captions and a soundtrack.

As an outtake of the Diablo Cyclist's ride to Crockett (as an aside--my favorite Sunday ride when we recover from Saturday,)   when we got to Crockett I did the Muur de Crockett loop--a 20% climb that one might find on the Tour de Flanders. (minus the kasseien.)  CA Mike and I usually do the majority of the climb but Ward is the only person who consistently does the end section that hikes up another 2-4%.

Looking down the Muur de Crockett before the turn and the steepest section
Anyway--click here for the Muur de Crocket short film.    Warning--lots of camera sway on the climb--but instead of getting seasick look out for the sudden appearance of monsters or other abbortaions as an alert reader discovered a few weeks ago.

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