Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tea Party=LaRouchites=Nut Cases

America/ Obama administration just accomplished something unbelievable in foreign policy. They made progress normalizing relations with Burma, who has slowly changed their oppressive ways for the better under America's gentle persuasion. The daughter of the assassinated daughter of Burma's democratic founder, Aung San Suu Kyi, is finally out of "house arrest." Great story.

But you'd never know this watching the news. Top political stories promoted by the Tea Party--Obama is not born in the United States. Obama is a socialist as we never had government run health care (at least not before John Adams in 1798 with the US Public Health Service Agency.) Basically, in modern America the Tea Party can throw out any false shit you want they want and it becomes major news.
A Thanksgiving Day message from the LaRouchites, 2011.

Now, when I was going to college there were always a few crew cut, beret wearing followers of Lyndon Larouche around. They basically saw the world controlled by a Nelson Rockefeller-Queen of England conspiracy. And they were considered kooks. They tried to pass themselves off as Socialists, but funny they would usually disrupt liberal democrat or democratic socialist events. One leading democratic socialist I knew whose debates they'd interrupt, told me they were just Right Wing plants. Luckily they were ignored by teh media.

In any event the Larouchites years ago were seen as a fringe element--and presently the Tea Party are considered respected player. What's wrong with this picture?


Curtis Corlew said...

Great non-bike post. I like Obama pretty much, but I am concerned about his bike riding. Don't these tires look low to you?

Anonymous said...

Think he's OK--pulling along the secret service and all. But that's a low end Trek made overseas--there goes the union vote.--Mr. Pumpkincycle