Monday, October 18, 2010


Idiot Philly fans. In game 1 of pennant series-instead of appreciating matchup of 2 of 4 top starters in baseball (Cliff Lee & CC Sabathia being the others)--they wolf whistled and got on Tim Lincecum because of his long hair, prompting him to retort "they must like my butt."AP Photo
I was a big Philadelphia Flyers fan as hawkish coach of NY Rangers made sure everyone on his team had a crew cut and no beards/ mustaches, while the Philadelphia Flyers had Cowboy Bill Flett skating down rightwing with long hair and a beard. So dumbass Philly fans getting on Lincecum for his long hair forget their sports roots and align themselves with neanderthal organizations like the old NY Rangers and present NY Yankees. Congratulations. Photo from
But then again the Phillies fans are fair with their insults--for most of their beloved Philadelphia Phillies existence the fan base was always insulting to their Phillies. The Philly fans famous slogan based on an ad in the Phillies ballpark....
Donna and I were lucky enough to go to Game 3 after Giants great pitching dominated game 1 and Phillies better speed and defense dominated game 2. Great day all around. Donnie outside Pac Bell Park (Pac Bell Park even if its been renamed a few times depending on who takes over the local phone company this year.)
I'm by the Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha Cha statue (formerly Orlando Cepeda until blowhard announcer Tim McCarver decided to mention a few times that he played with Cha Cha Cha.....; unfortunately a 20 second cable tv delay so we can't turn off the sound and listen to Krukow and Kuiper. I guess we still get a better deal than NY or Philly who are on a 12 month Fox delay, as they aren't getting the games on TV due to a pissing match between Fox and the cable provider. I'm sure organized baseball loves to see their TV rating slip further) Unlike the team across the bay--who you'd never know ever played in Philadelphia, the Giants often recall their New York Roots--no, I'm not wearing a Mets cap. Donna and I in RF stands, overlooking McCovey cove. While we were taking these photos on a mini tripod--a newspaper photographer was off to the side snapping photos of our setup.
Tim Lincecum going down the line during introductions. The all time home run champ comes out and says a special hello to his number 1 fan-Gary of da Bronx. (Ex VP of the Oakland A's, M.C. Hammer, was also on hand and the crowd went crazy when he was shown on the video board taking in the game when they played his hit in the loooooong break between innings.)
PS-Sending this photo to Gary of da Bronx prompted this comment from him (remember he is a frustrated Mets fan), "...Everyone knew of Bonds steroid adventures, yet Giants fans put him on a pedestal. He's a creep, a punk, a jackass. And to cheer him now, while he hams it up, is like cheering OJ now. It says a lot about Giants fans." I had to remind Gary that on Ultimate Mets fan site, MOST fans consider steroid user, shady businessman Lenny Dykstra one of the most beloved Mets ever.Two minutes of extra throwing and standing around between every half inning so Fox can get more commercials on television and pimp their exciting fall TV lineup endlessly--until the 2nd base ump finishes timing the extended break and tells everyone that the game can resume. Dusty Rhodes--I mean Cody Ross.Holy &#*# batman--the Giants play smallball.

Brian Wilson is in to save the day. His beard is as nice as Cowboy Bill Flett's.

Great result--Giants hitters actually put together a small rally, and Matt Cain and friends do another great pitching job. Come home and see the Yankees get trashed--this may be best baseball day ever.
Brian Wilson "music" below--someone did a nice job matching it to video on U-Tube


Anonymous said...

OK, I give up. What does the Bollywood vid have to do with Brian Wilson? Is it because you think he has a Bollywood beard???
-- The Doctor

Jay said...

Brian Wilson uses 'Jump Around' as his theme music. You can see it done by House of Pain on U-Tube. Alternative version done by the Chipmunks also on U-Tube, then someone with some vision just paired it with a Bollywood scene that looks good.