Thursday, October 28, 2010

At The World Series-2010

So the Giants (biggest secret) led the NL in road homeruns--and I bet most of that came after May when they revamped half their lineup. Their pitchers led the NL in ERA and Saves. They surprised many people when beating a very good pitching staff in the first round, and surprised even more when beating the most balanced team in baseball for the pennant. So why do we hear from:

Tom Verducci, SI expert, "Rangers in 7...the Rangers have more speed and power and can create a bigger run scoring environment. No factor, though, is more important than Cliff Lee. Don't be surprised to see him come out of the bullpen.

Danny Knobler, CBS Sports expert, "Rangers in 5...I can't give (SF) the World Series, because to win that, they need to score a few runs. And I don't see how they are going to do it. ...They wouldn't beat the Rangers at all."

Greg Doyel, National Columnist expert, "Rangers in 6...Do I think that SF can win four out of five? Nope. But that's what the Giants have to do to win the World Series, given that Cliff Lee will start two games for the Rangers, which means two wins for the Rangers."

Mike Freeman, National Columnist Expert, "Rangers in 6...Six games may be generous but I'm in a generous mood."

Ken Rosenthal, FOX Expert, "Rangers in 6..."Maybe (SF) will be finally be overmatched by a superior team."

Jon Paul Morsi, National NLB Writer, "Giants in 7"...The Rangers have a 1-0 lead when the World Series is one day old....(SF) may not score a run 1 until game 2."

Loony experts and other folks come out around the World Series.

Game 1....GIANTS 11....TEXAS (& Cliff Lee) 7 (and game was NOT as close as the score)
Game 2...GIANTS 9......TEXAS 0 (In this one, as Giants scored late, game was actually close for awhile)

Jessie and I were lucky enough for our ticket patron to give us tickets for game 1, and she flew up from SoCal right before the game. We were psyched even though the only question from the pundits would be if Texas playoff master Cliff Lee would pitch a non hitter or only a shutout against the Giants.

I figured the Giants has a really good chance as they have much more pitching depth than Texas--after Cliff Lee it is no contest; the pitching we saw against Atlanta and Philly was MUCH better pitching than Texas has. Vlad Guerrero who can hide as a DH in the AL would have to play the field if in the lineup in San Francisco, and Pac Bell Park has the hardest rightfield to play. (Reason #2 Miata/ Amechi Ralph is wrong when he wants to move the fence in, gives us an advantage if we stock the roster correctly.)

Place was crazy--even much more intensity than the playoffs. (Prices to, our secret parking lot went from $20 regular season, $30 for playoffs, and now $50.) Outside the stadium were tons of people milling around soaking up the atmosphere, loads of hawkers of tee shirts that shrink 3 sizes after the first wash and jesus freaks. Jessie might trade her car for this one.

Outside Pac Bell Park--across from Willie Mays plaza.

Jessie used to sit in Lucille Statue when she was little, so she had to do it again.

Jessie in bleachers behind the Chevron Sign (with the cars that trick out the leftfield wall.)

Mr. McCovey, Cepeda, Irvin, Perry and Marichal honored before the game. Monte Irvin played on the Giants 1954 team, the last Giants Championship team. The other hall of famers never won a championship with the Giants. (Dr. Dave identifies these guys as literary and musical royality, Sir William Shake-stick, Orlando C. Furioso, Irvin Berlin, Lord Perry, and Don Juan Quixote, with Sir William Sayhey missing.)

Mr. Bonds didn't want Gary of da Bronx to yell at the TV, so he just stayed in the owners box time.

Inside place was nuts--Jessie and I could barely hear each other. (Years ago I went to an A's/Dodgers WS game and the Oakland Coliseum was like a morgue.) Two rows behind a lady with a voice that sounded like the Penguin from Batman grating yelled all game. Giants were nit mentally in the game in the first two innings and fell behind early, but Cliff Lee didn't read his press clippings and the Giants soon tied it up. And then the team of free swingers got Cliff Lee to 100 pitches in the 5th inning!, and soon knocked him out of the game in a laugher. Later on The Rangers scored some meaningless runs, after the Giants poured it on when they hit the ball to Vlad and watched it bounce around him.
Extra commercials were thrown in between half innings--so they had Tony Bennett come out and sing; and play tapes of Metallica or Journey tunes while a key member of the band was in the stands. The best, for me, was when they played the whole ORGAN RIFT of "LIGHT MY FIRE!!!" Who would have thought that would ever happen at a baseball game.

Another photo with Jessie at the GIANT'S WORLD SERIES. Yippie.

I rather see MC Hammer again but Tony Bennett making an appearance during the looooong breaks and the 7th inning prayer was good.

Vlad waiting to bobble another ball in rightfield.

I wanted to hear Brian Wilson "Jump Around" music and thought no chance when it was 11-3 or so, but the Giants gave up a few runs in the end and Brian made an appearance.**

Only negative to Pac Bell is that it is built on such a small footprint of land, the room by the concession under the stands could be bigger--and so could the ramps. It always is crowded. To leave the 2nd deck we always try to jump on the express escalator instead of jumping on the ramp that doesn't move--but Donna/I discovered something great in the pennant series when we got stuck on teh ramp, and this time Jessie and I used the endless ramp again. It was DISNEY'S ITS A GIANTS WORLD--with fans rhythmically chanting "Lets Go GI-ANTS," "U-RIBE, " "POOOO-SEY," "FREDDIE," "Lets Go GI-ANTS."

This was from another game, but leaving Pac Bell Park after every postseason game was like this.

GREAT start at home!

Pac Bell Park at night.

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