Saturday, October 9, 2010

1st SF GIANTS Playoff Game with Jessica-2010

2008 in San Diego--I think that Giants player may still be with the team.

Last two baseball seasons ended on a dispirited note--both time Jessica and I went to San Diego to see the Giants in the last series of the year. Each year it was an an 11 hour drive home where I depressingly hear Krukow and Kupier say "and that's the Giants season, in 2,000,000,000,001 days tune back in as Spring Training ____ will start," while Balty Salty and other fans call the Giants station to bitch about them one more time before solidly turning their complaining attention to the 49ers. Summer's over....

We'll this year its OCTOBER BASEBALL, and while you have to watch lousy National broadcasters (no, can't turn down the sound and listen to the radio as there is a 20 second tv delay!!), its another month with the local boys. Jessica, the college jetsetter, came up for the day to go to her first playoff game.

The Giants remind no one of the speedy 1982 Cardinals who could manufacturer runs at will (10.22x runs to home runs, while the 2010 Giants have a 4.30x ratio.) Not being able to manufacture runs kept Altanta in the game, as when SF had a 4 run lead it easily could have been a 6 run lead, and later they left bases loaded with a chance to win the game. Oh crap--a tough loss. But Jessie and I had a great time at her first playoff game ever!--on ORANGE Friday.

OK--Brian Wilson tribute cute but luckily NOT sitting behind these guys.


Anonymous said...

Doesn't the panda hat mess up Jessica's hair? Is that why we don't see her without it?

Jay said...

Jessie is sacrificing her hair for the team!!