Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Dirtbags Baseball

Still on the mend and off the bike though went on the trainer a couple of times last week. So visited daughter in Long Beach over Memorial Day and we wanted to take in a Long Beach State baseball game—their team (really) is nicknamed the DIRTBAGS. We expected a large raucous stadium filled with college students—but as graduation was a few days prior not to many collegians in the crowd. Instead, true to their nickname, seemingly every senior citizen DIRTBAG in Long Beach was in the crowd and sitting near us—and we bought the box seats so we were sitting next to many of the regulars.Some of the more entertaining DIRTBAG fans

1) One burn out wearing a pizza man tee shirt (aka wife beater), backpack, and glaucoma glasses. When the amphetamines kicked in he'd leap onto the railing, block everyone's view, and yell in a foghorn voice "take your time…..have fun……be relaxed…….take your time…….have fun…….be relaxed."

2) If John Candy was still alive he'd resemble a guy who came up to us with a carton of California Rolls who came over and wanted to know when we were picking up the chicken BBQ we had won, and we could take some California Rolls now if he could have a piece of chicken later. He couldn't believe we were not claiming out "lucky prize" of a bbq dinner for 8 (hot night, daughter is a vegan, wife and I limiting our calories)

Rest of the game we'd see him ambling about with his endless box of California Rolls.

but the winning DIRTBAG was

3) JOE—truly the DIRTBAG mascot. A "plump" disheveled guy dressed in a Long Beach State baseball jersey,and hat he'd walk by every inning and say "hi, hi, hi, hi" and wouldn't leave unless you gave him a rousing "HI" back. Oh yeah, he'd walk around with two laminated cards about a foot long—one of a babe sticking out of her bikini, another one falling out of her evening dress. Between innings a staffer brought Joe a guitar and he air guitared to an Elvis cut playing over the PA.

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