Sunday, June 6, 2010

Comeback Time-It FN Hurts

Being injured is a real strange reality. You're hurting and you cant do what you want to do, or even the 2nd or 3rd choice. And as most social connections are via cycling, that disappears also.

"Any time when a guy goes on the disabled list, he doesn't feel like a part of the team"-Justin Speir, California Angels (7/12/2007)

"Being on the disabled list certainly gives you a perspective and a certain understanding of people who have been injured. "It's like you are not part of the team. You're away from the team. You just feel pushed away. I'm not glad I went through the experience. I'm glad that I have a perspective now that I didn't have before."-Cal Ripkin, Baltimore Orioles (4/13/2000)

Took lots of walks and read lots of books. B ut one month felt like one year. After one bout of feeling sorry for myself was going to buy a fancy Digital (big/ heavy) camera--years ago (B.K.=before kids) I used to walk around with a Mamiya medium format camera and develop my own film/ prints. I went back to the store 3x and read reviews and was ready to buy the camera when I got hold of myself and knew there would be a light at the end of the tunnel and I wasn't ready to do something I plan to pick up again at age 75, though I now felt that old.

Besides missing the Davis Double, most of the Wine Country Double Metric and the Stockton Delta Century (on a fixed gear), all which were supposed to be the perfect lead in for the Alta Alpina 8, I also missed some great Club self supported century rides. While I was gone there was much hilarious cycling attire--thanks to the gang for the Lion of Flanders theme on their Mt. Hamilton from the hard side ride, though the funniest one may have been the jersey created by the self promoting guy who would play "the maestro" on Seinfeld.

After 5 weeks physician cleared me to get back on he bike, but I'd have to take it easy. New bone chip in elbow still hurts and can't really extend my arm fully out. Of course first club ride is a 60 mile climbing route (elevation 3000') that winds up in the Oakland Hills. Ride started out flat which was good as needed to get "sea legs" back--also have to put about 70% of my weight on my good arm. Second part of the ride is where the climbing starts, mostly gradual with some nice short steep pitches--the kind of stuff I like a lot. Well.....I jumped out of the saddle on the first climb and extending my arm on the bike was NOT like being on the trainer--it hurt--and so did the weight I put on it on the downhills. For the rest of the ride I was climbing like Professor Dave on the 'bent--sitting my ass down." Ride took its toll but gotta start somewhere--next week will be easier. As Patti Smith says "glad to be back."

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