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Tunitas Creek with Gazos Creek Rd and Lobitos Creek Road (2013)

(June 1, 2013)   Tunitas Creek with Gazos Creek Rd and Lobitos Creek Road, 82 miles w/ Ward, Mike, Dr. Dave, Christine, Jack

This is a seminal metric century loop in San Mateo County with lots and lots of climbing that seemingly is far from civilization.  Some of the luster is gone with the Thousand Pink Flamingo House and 10' Machine Gun Toting Skeleton now a distant memory.   

As we didn't ride 100 miles no ride report except that it was a great ride--a little warmer and clearer (yippie) inland and cooler on the Coast.  Here is a link to the route with a nice write up by Chain Reaction Bike Shop.  (When I started serious riding a decade ago I'd have some dumb question at 1am and email Mike at Chain Reaction--hoping for an answer in a week, and usually a reply would come in at 1:45 am)

We added a loop south of Pescadero (Gazos Creek) to come up the Coast and past the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.    At lunch Mike proposed a loop north of the Tunitas Creek Climb that would add more miles, Lobitos Creek.   When we got to the Tunitas turnoff and the group continued North, Mike made a sudden right turn and yelled he was getting a head start on the long Tunitas climb.    He's forgiven as  he's recovering from serious illness.  I didn't like the Lobitos Creek addition--usually the Tunitas climb has a few miles of gentle climbing before the "rough stuff" begins--on Lobitos you hit a steep uphill right away (which leads into a steep downhill so you are back at ground zero.)

Ward and I got a few more feet than the rest of the group by looping back for the achtervolgers on the climbs, and we made sure Mike knew his way home.   We had a really good group--Jack didn't go off on his own and even encouraged photographs when we got to the holy pumpkin site.  OK--enough writing--time for photos (PC)
Nothing like starting off a ride with Christine whipping up fresh waffle mix in Woodside

Christine and Dr. Dave on Old La Honda climb just a few miles into the ride.  NICE repaving job on narrow, twisty road.   

Ward and Mike near the finish of Old La Honda climb.  Usually this road is full of cyclists but lots of riders doing Sequoia Century tomorrow so at home eating alot in anticipation of starving on the Sequoia Century. 

View west from Old La Honda downhill.

Oh crap, I'm just in a jersey and Mike is in a vest--Ward amused..

Dr. Dave looks sooo happy since retiring.  Either happy we are not doing Alpine Road or trying to get golf tips on the Pescadero Road lead in.   

Peloton on Pescadero Road.

Ward at start of Gazos Creek cutoff.  

Jack on the lead in to Gazos Creek Road.
Ward and Mike on Gazos Creek.

Christine wants to go surfing on Pacific. 

This was Big Jim's job--pulling us North into the Highway 1 Headwind.  Now we all try to be inadequate replacements.

Our peloton towards the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Fresco of the group at the Pigeon Point Lighthouse.

Mike and Christine pretending they are not freezing.

Ward has trained for this moment for years--when everyone in another group wants their picture taken with another camera or cell phone.

Dr. Dave on Bean Hollow Road.

Nearing Pescadero, in a few months that field should be filled with relatives (pumpkins!)

Main Street Pescadero.

MY STRAVA SEGMENT--1st PLACE on dash down Arcangelis Grocery Alley!!.

Local makes sure that Jack uses the pastry tongs.
Christine is the water carrier for the day.
Mike was going to sneak out early--but for some reason changed his mind.

Dr. Dave and Christine arrive at the top of Stage Road.

Continuing North, View of the Coast

Dave thinks too many photos of Christine as we continue towards Lobitos Creek.

Ward and I are in the Holy land.

Pumpkin Heaven

RATAS-where pumpkins are a way of life!!
Ward rates the Tunitas Creek climb a two banana ride--which is two more bananas than they had on last year's Sequoia Century.

Ward about to make the capture on Tunitas Creek of early breakaway leader Mike.

Back in Woodside, Ward asks Mike about a pool party back at his complex.

OK, no pool party but Mike told us about Manzanita Road which was a nice way to return to Woodside.

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