Monday, January 14, 2013

Lance Lance Lance Lance

So Lance Armstrong is going to go on hard hitting Oprah Winfrey to issue his Mea culpa .

First he's getting surly with some cycling fans.  As reported in Velonews:

"While the disgraced Tour de France champion is reported to be mulling over a confession to doping throughout his career, on Strava, a popular endurance website that logs workouts and allows users to interact with each other, Armstrong recently updated his profile bio: “According to my rivals, peers, and teammates I won the Tour de France 7 times.”
The Union Cycliste Internationale declined to protest the report on Armstrong’s behalf, and the Tours de France from 1999 through 2005 have no official winner, though Armstrong continues to allude to being the champion of those Tours.

“Just updated my bio based on the facts,” the Texan posted on his Strava account on January 6.

Reaction on Strava was mixed.

After one critic left the comment, “I can sleep good knowing I have as many Tour de France Victories as Lance Armstrong,” Armstrong replied, “Ask Alex Zulle, Jan Ullrich, Joseba Beloki, Ivan Basso and Andreas Kloden how many Tours I have… and if that doesn’t please you then ask the 200 guys in those ‘7’ pelotons.”

Well Lance, you can ask George Hincapie, Johan Museeuw, Servais Knaven...I won as many Paris Roubaix's as you did. I even started as many times as Lance.   Everyone in my bike club did. 

As a reminder of what a good teammate Lance was when his faithful lieutenant was left to fend for himself :

Oh that's right, multi stage champs don't do Paris Roubaix.  Ask Eddy Merckx.  OK, sorry, bad example--Merckx did everything.  So lets ask Greg LeMond, Bernard Hinault and Andy Hampsten.   Oh....they also did.

After his confession on Oprah,  Lance sycophants will again decry that the whole peloon was doping and Lance was just the best.  But as John Henderson of the Denver Post wrote:

"I'm wondering if Winfrey will ask some key questions.


• If you doped, why did you try to destroy everyone around you who claimed you did?

• How guilty do you feel for taking millions in endorsement money when we really don't know if you'd have won a single Tour without doping?

• And, namely, why should we forgive you?

What bothers me most about Armstrong is his history of bullying. It's what separates him from other disgraced dopers."

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