Friday, January 4, 2013

Happy New Years 2013

Christine and I near the ramp to the summit when snow appears.  Not cold going up and just in Jersey and no fingered gloves.  That will change.    (WI Worldwide)
2013***Happy New Years***2013
 Be Safe
My only prediction for the year.  It will get warmer than the 30 degrees at the top of Mt. Diablo on New Years Day at high noon.

Dr. Zhivago Dave had Russian headgear for the downhill (WI)
I ran into Mountain Bike Racer Jerry at the top--we did my first ride from hell-Sierra Century Double Metric--together in 2003 (WI)
Team Photo-the views from up here are worth the trip.  Oh--the view ended 500' below in fog bank.  (WI)
It must be cold--Cisco Dave is putting on knee warmers.  We didn't get any video of Dave riding around Diablo doing Ganga Style. (WI)
Dr. Dave is frozen to the ground (WI)
I'm trying to double my income and offer to sell a layer of clothes for top dollar (WI)
The first good photoshoppe effort of 2013--taken when we came down from the Wells Fargo at the summit to the Junction.  (WI)

Note for future insantity--what works on 30 degree downhill (at 20 mph it feels like 17 degrees)
This seemed to work out
Buff Headband (replaced ^Headsweat that was drenched after ride up)
Wool Buff around face (replaced ^synthetic Buff for ride up)
add Rain Jacket
add Vest
Heavy Synthetic Long Sleeve Shirt (replaced ^long sleeve jersey that was drenched)
add Wool Muscle Shirt
^Arm Warmers (no longer rolled down)
^Knee Warmers (these were overkill on the ride up)
^Ski Socks
^Sock Liners
^Toe Covers
Swix Mittens (replaced ^cycling gloves)
^Glove liners with fingers cut out
^used on uphill, it was 42 degrees when we started but felt much warmer going up Mt Diablo.

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