Saturday, February 5, 2011

Trip to Florida-2011

(February 2011) Trip To South Florida

Off to South Florida to visit mom--wonderful going down there now with weather +20 warmer than California (and +60 of Boston, NYC, Chicago); just that little bump in temperature with the humidity makes it so nice and warm--even into the evening.

Mom lives in a strange place, a self imposed ghetto--whole neighborhoods from NYC picked up and moved down to the same place. Click here to see article The daily over/ under is 25 that you'll hear something positive about "Jewish" ("we saw a nice JEWISH doctor," or "he has a Yiddish Kup," (clever head)), or about Israel...its kind of like an Apple computer user who keeps telling you how great their computer is while they have 6% of the market.

Unfortunately every time I visit a big reminder that more and more people are no longer with us. When I go there I remember my dad and grandma finally enjoying a stress free lifestyle. Also remember my little kids in the pool under the watchful eyes of the condo commandos making sure they didn't dive, splash, or play with a beach ball. (How did my kids get so old so fast.)

While calling everyone who lives there "the old people" I feel old also. Lots of NY delis--where a sandwich just has meat piled on Rye Bread and comes with huge sour pickles--not a California deli where 1 slice of meat, 1 slice of cheese, some sprouts, and sliced avocado comes with a tiny nondescript pickle wedge. I actually lost weight while down there eating at the deli almost every night--but I just had a few yogurts during the day. But back to feeling old--when I went to my favorite deli years ago they'd pipe in Yiddish music, Frank Sinatra, Swing Jazz--old people music. This time playing, one night "Light My Fire," the next night "Riders on the Storm." Shit, my music has become oldies.

This is a deli sandwich! (And its the small size)

Edward Hopper shot of "The Club."

Big Judged art show with lots of good stuff. This one reminded me that my dad didn't care for modern art--but he did like an exhibit we saw years ago with figures that looked like ordinary people.Birds on Miami Beach--oh damn got in too much background--hope its not distracting..Bike and trailer near Miami Beach. They are building a new ballpark for the Marlins at the site of the torn down Orange Bowl--which is in a neighborhood near but not within walking distance of downtown Miami. Hard to locate a stadium in the area-half the fan base lives in the north counties and wouldn't drive to Miami to see a game.
The Dodgers are gone.

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