Monday, January 17, 2011

Bottle Test #1+ First Time Up Diablo In 2011

Took a regular/ clear water bottle, insulated Polar bottle, and insulated Camelbak Chill and Ice. Seltzer Bottles will be included in the next test when it gets warmer.

Put in Southern facing window--but sun didn't come out all day. Inside temperature 64-67 degrees. Froze the bottles and left them out for 9 hours--plan to measure ice remaining in the bottle.
After 9 hours strained out liquid and some ice remained. In the clear bottle two little pieces of ice remained, in the insulated bottle sausage sized blocks.
Dr. J. Clear Plastic Bottle--ice remaining in bottle, 7 grams (1% of liquid)
Polar Insulated Bottle--ice remaining, 159g (31%)
Camelbak Chill-ice remaining, 173g (31%)
Camelbak Ice-ice remaining, 217g (40%)
Camelbak Ice best at keeping water cold. Camelbak Chill, though, did as well as Polar but is a lighter bottle and hold a bit more liquid (note: as mentioned in prior post, I don't like the draw on the leakproof Camelbak tops, so I put polar tops on them.)
Weight of Bottles
Clear 88 grams
Camelbak Chill 108 g (w/ Polar Lid)
Camelbak Ice 120 g (w/ Polar Lid)
Polar Insulated 132 g
Amt of Liquid In Bottle
Clear 651 grams
Camelbak Chill 557 g
Camelbak Ice 536 g
Polar Insulated 520 g
While testing, 2 weeks late (rained out on New Years Day), Jack, Dr. Dave and I climbed Mt. Diablo. Until @1250' couldn't see 10 feet in front as dense fog. Then it got sunny and very very warm--partially very warm as we were all bundled up. My wool tee-shirt dripping wet at the top.
Lots of "tourists" (Dr Dave's word) on Mt. Diablo. On the summit ramp 2 pickups and a 3 wheeler blocking the road while debating who was going to go first. In the start of the Muir de Ward a minivan in neutral square in the middle of the road. And going downhill from the Junction a cyclist in the twilight zone cut across the road and cut Jack off..
We came out of the
fog below. This guy needs a tan--but first time ever took off shirt at top of Mt. Diablo so it could dry off a bit.

Oh shit--we gotta go back down where its freezing

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