Sunday, December 19, 2010

Obamaflation and The Death Ride-2010

A special fare (sic) and balanced FOX News Expose on rampant Death Ride inflation under the Socialist Obama Administration.
Back in 1999 registration for The Death Ride was $55 plus the 33 cent cost of a postage stamp. (Which would even be less of the post office was privately run.)Now with Barack Hussein Obama in office, 11 years later the cost of the Death Ride is $125 and a $8 fee to register online. (We are hoping you forget that he wasn't in office for 11 years as quickly as you forget that the economic depression was started by his predecessor.)OK, in 11 years everything has gone up (especially taxes under Obama) but a comparison of the Consumer Price Index and the Death Ride show that...
..while the Consumer Price Index, what you pay for everything else, went up 31% (no doubt caused by Clinton and Obama), the PRICE OF THE DEATH RIDE WENT UP 140%.
Not only did the price of the Death Ride go up 4 1/2 times faster than inflation, the course SHRUNK. You get less course (or bragging rights) for your money. The Death Ride 5 pass course used to be advertised as 16,000', now its 15,000'. If Obama stays in office the Death Ride will cost $400 for 400 feet of climbing!

Pumpkincycle Editorial Opinion (this must be the fair and balanced part)-The Death Ride is a good, fun ride--and everyone should do it once as it is unique. But the sponsors are now marketing it as a Louis Vuitton handbag--there are many rides that are harder, cost less, and offer unique scenery/ snow in the Summer.

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