Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving: Freezing In Vegas-2010

Going into Thanksgiving week we continued a Pumpkin Family Tradition--our plumbing goes all to hell. First pipe nipple in back was totally corroded--my fault for putting galvanized on copper 10 years ago. Luckily could have great contractor who had painted house come over while I was work and do repairs that I didn't have to see. Then big puddle in garage by water softener--but it was only slightly dripping--until 2am when it recycled and we had Old Faithful Geyser in the garage. While plumber was here next day had them pull broken water softener (water is only slightly hard) and garbage disposal that hasn't worked in two years--which then allowed got our dish washer working again as it could properly drain.
Maybe water, without added salt, is now drinkable without being run through the reverse osmosis system that drastically leaked twice this summer so I shut it off. And just when we thought everything quiet short in house alarm system the next night--also around 2am, so it went off for an hour and wouldn't shut down. I think all house problems now resolved--just in time as massive cold spell hit the west coast.

So it was off to Paris for all of our first family getting together for Thanksgiving after both daughters live far afield. As we didn't want a full body scan we drove...
Photos by the Eiffel Tower--funny--even though we can't speak French the Parisian locals who have a snooty reputation were very nice Would have seen Jerry if his show was when we were there. But old staples from 20 years ago like Carrot Top packed the entertainment venuesJessie was trying to win college tuition, but this slot machine's grand prize wouldn't cover one semester of tuition anymore.

No matter how many multi billion dollar theme casinos they put up, Las Vegas still has an incredible seedy quality--I was handed a dozen cards when walking around 3 blocs. Heard on the Strip by vendor hawking sunglasses--"these will make you look cool when you're drunk." Hey, I thought I was in Paris, but with that Tower in back of me I might be in Seattle or Toronto. It's Thanksgiving Day and went out for a walk before our big meal, don't let the sunshine fool you--it was a HIGH of 47 for the day and an overnight low of 33. Oh yeah, Rachie acclimating herself for Siberia so she never turns on the house heat.
Alright, Donnie & Rachie finish preparing the Pumpkin traditional Thanksgiving meal--lasagna. And it's warm by the oven.We didn't drop any money at the casinos--just at Home Depot and a bike store--Rachie got her first road bike--nice one even though it's a YECK with a stupid Clik Skewer (make something real easy real difficult.)Always wanted to see the Hoover Dam-security concerns abound.We headed over to Red Rocks Preserve--on the meandering trails we smartly followed anyone carrying a pink jacket as opposed to anyone who had a climbing helmet attached to a large backpack......But occasionally we got off the beaten path and climbed to a high vantage point.

Drive home was mid 50's in the high desert--here my the self proclaimed world's tallest thermometer in (Dusty) Baker, CA.

Where just like the trip in, the thermometer plummeted to 31 and the sky got nasty when going through Tehachapi, elevation 4080'.

I hate crowds--especially crowded roads--it took us 12 hours for the "8 hour" drive back. Put me back in Red Rocks (with 20 more degrees.)

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