Sunday, November 22, 2009

Dr. Dave's San Jose Freeze Out-2009

(November 21, 2009) Dr. Dave’s San Jose Reservoir Tour, San Jose to Morgan Hill and back, 62 miles, 4,000’ climbing, w/ Ward, Dave, Stephen. (**147 rating**. Note with just gentle climbing this ride would rank at 102, well below last weeks longer and hillier Folsom-Georgetown ride; but with 3 miles of bitchy climbs it squeaked ahead of Folsom-Georgetown. I don’t have a wind factor as part of the ride formula but with a steady wind it was even harder.)First is profile of the whole course, second is profile of the first Climb up Hicks Road. For the lower graph line each of the small boxes measure 200' climbing and 1 1/4 miles of distance. For the upper graph line % of grade is shown, with each box measuring 5%. I added two thick lines so one can readily see where the climbing is around 0% (or downhill) and where it hits 15%. That last mile keeps jumping above 15% and a few times tocuhes 20%. Ride profiles courtsey of Ward Industries.

Some rides are seemingly tougher that they should be. This one started in a damp mid 40’s, so my breathing was fucked, and within a mile we started climbing Hicks Road. It starts off gently (5 miles, 2% average) and ends like a bear (1 mile, 14% average.)

It would also help if I even looked at the ride profile before the ride so I’d know where the climbs are. I meticulously prepare and study century/ doubles route sheets but club rides are usually a big surprise. Also I’ve been on a 2,000 daily calorie diet so I can drop weight going into next year. Weight is dropping but get tired very fast.*** Finally the damp coldness never helps. (On Monday figured out that my calorie intake for the day before was OK, but at 45% carbs instead of 60-70%, I should know better.)

After last week Dave is camera shy so trying to get away from Ward. Little did he know other paparazzi would be waiting around every turn.

Then it was a twisty plunge on a shade strewn road that had was damp with lots of gravel in the corners. A mountain biker came by an nicely said “aren’t you afraid of the descent on those skinny tires.” Thanks buddy.

We continued on McKean Road and would do a big counterclockwise loop around a bunch of reservoirs. Only problem was that a cold crosswind, nothing terrible but about 10 mph, was constantly blowing. When we stopped for a break we all hid behind the Calero Reservoir sign as a wind break.

Ward thinking the worst of the climb is over.

Then continuing on to Morgan Hill where to avoid Fourbucks it was a stop at bakery where it took a half hour for them to make coffee (ok-the coffee was good) and then more cold windswept riding back to Hicks Road. We were trying to figure out why Dave's team is in "THE BIG GAME" while my, Stephen and Ward's alma matta's have less losses combined. With Ward, Stephen and Dave we were all riding cooperatively on the flats, but it also meant that no one really let up when pulling.
At the top of the Hicks Climb Stephen looks a little happier than Dave and Ward.

Hicks climb (the earlier twisty descent) is “only” 1 ½ miles at 9-10%. Stephen really motoring on the climbs today and he almost looked serious at the top when he started to go up a side dead end road, Mt. Umunhum Road. Later I learned that this side road is almost 2 miles at another 9%. I’ll be game to try it when its at least 20+ degrees warmer.
Dave is the ride leader, so he gets the honor of pulling Stephen and me. (Ward-o-photo)

Now down the long descent. I was using for the first time a small handlebar bag which was working out well—especially well as I could pull out a jacket for the cold descent. Once Ward stopped and waited for Dave and I going down gingerly to warn us about a wet gravel patch around one hairpin. When the road leveled off Stephen and Ward kept trying to jump ahead of each other. Dave and I were just happy to trail right behind and enjoy the festivities.

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Anonymous said...

I really like the ride report, but no way was that ride harder than the Georgetown ride. I mean Georgetown was 75 miles and 7,000' CEG, and the freeze out was only 62 and what, about 3,000'? Still, it was a gas of a ride, and yes, let's do it again and add on Mt Umun, uh, how do you spell it?
Mr. S-