Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Hammer Rice Krispie Treats Endorsed By Dr. Dave!!

Dr. Dave says: "They are totally disgusting, but I suppose they don't make me throw up as fast as warm Perpetuem does."

The Diablo Cyclist breakaway group starts up Mt. Diablo on Thanksgiving looking forward to snacks at the junction. (Ward photo)

At the Junction, 2,159', Hammer Rice Krispie Treats await

After refueling at the Junction, Diablo Cyclists make it up to the summit, including zooming ahead of a car on the 17% ending ramp. (Ward in photo)Diablo Cyclists regroup at the 3,849' summit while some Thanksgiving Day parade giant balloons pass in the background. (Ward photo)

At the summit Hammer Rice Krispie Treats is there, the fuel of choice!!

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Anonymous said...

Please send me my big endorsement checks when the cash starts flooding in. -- Dr. Dave