Sunday, September 28, 2008

*Photos*-Amador-El Dorado (Original!) Sierra Century-2008

Photos from the Amador-El Dorado Self Supported Sierra Century-2008. Photos from Ward Industries Jay-June-Jack starting up steep rollers on nicely shaded Perry Creek Road--it is time to relax as Slug Gulch is around the corner.

June on Slug Gulch after it levels out-that is why she is smiling.

Stephen on Slug Gulch--he's on good behavior-he hasn't tried to change the route.

Jay is happy to be back in his adopted cycling homeland-and hasn't gotten anyone lost yet.

Ward on the top of Slug Gulch and he'll be coming back here for his Jesus Birthday tree.

The Diablo Cyclist pelaton going through the El Dorado National Forest.

Joe and Jack going downhill towards Sutter Creek on the Shake Ridge Rollers.
Ward in Volcano, wondering when Bob Dylan will show up to this Greek Theatre.

On Mayor Rosie's bench in Volcano, Jack claiming headache when Joe asks if he'll be doing Charleston Grade.

Rusty, happy to be on Ram's Horn Grade instead of Charleston.

Joe and Jay coming back from Charleston Grade--both disappointed that they are finished with Hell.

Deer crossing the start of the wonderful Fiddletown (E-Ticket) Expressway--smart deer know it is the start of the hunting season so they are hanging out away from the forest.

Congratulating Rusty after he takes out the Big Mike Classic Race to Fiddletown.

Self supported finish of one of the hardest Century courses. What a great fn day!

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