Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Cycling Is Saved--Lance Is Back--Yippie!!--Thank You Jesus

Two bumper stickers in honor of Lance's announced comeback:

Lance Armstrong-The Greatest Cyclist NEVER To Race Paris Roubaix. Hmmm--would Tiger Woods get the kid glove treatment if he won the US Open ever year and skipped all the other majors. Luckily for Lance most sports commentators cycling knowledge starts and stops with the Tour de France.

Lance Armstrong-Failed As Many Drug Tests As Richard Virenque. Even though Lance's drug use is detailed by former good friends and associates in David Walsh's book-Lance always cries out that "he never failed a drug test." Neither did the admitted poster boy for drugs in cycling--Richard Virenque.

While we are at it--this has been the best one I've seen on the road:

For the Presidential Race:

The early stages of the Presidential Race are starting to annoy me--there is certainly enough policy differences between McCain and Obama to have an election based on the issues--but in the early part of the election it looks like Obama is being "Swift Boated" (when the Bush camp, basically supporting a party boy draft dodger, disingenuously was able to attack Kerry on his military record.) Now I think McCain has 1000x more integrity than Bush, but when Republicans raise the "family value" issue... Of course after the $700 billion wall street bailout--John McCain, maverick banking expert, is for reduced government but more Wall Street regulation. Maybe he'll bring his friend Tom Keating on board to accomplish this.

This might get my winshield broken by the right wing nuts, but they love to emphazise Senator Obama's middle name--so just like the proudly displayed "W" bumper sticker that has disappeared in the shadow of the Iraqi and bank deregulation mess, I'll proudly display my support of someone else.

(updated 11/08) Of course the country is going to hell not because of the needless war in Iraqi or the economy going down the toilet but because of some radical deviants wanting to having a long term committed relationship. Pass along the Mormon message and tell the world about the sanctity of marriage... "Marriage is ONLY between ONE MAN and MANY WOMEN"

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