Saturday, March 4, 2006

Cesky Suvenyr Self Supported Century-2006

(March 4, 2006) "Cesky' Suvenyr'" Century*-Self Supported and with Diablo Cyclists. 97 miles-up Mt Diablo to Ranger Station-over Morgan Territory--back to Northgate and up to Mt Diablo Ranger Station again. @7,000 feet climbing.

*On Century rides (or metric century rides) I used to live for the patch you got at the end. My oldest daughter had been studying in Europe, and when I came home from this ride she had a Czech Republic patch for me.

Need to get into shape for Devil Mountain Double so got to Countrywood early (not early enough) while it was 42 degrees and went half way up Diablo. Came back to start after 20 miles and missed start of Diablo Cyclist ride, so chased them back to Clayton where gruppo just pulling out of rest stop. Big climb to Morgan Territory where I got dropped by fastest guys and gal (June) at end. Then partially back up from other side and hard chase with racer Brian where we caught end of gruppo in Danville.

Legs dead but went up Diablo again-slowest time since 2002. Cold nasty day and spent half riding solo but kinda fit mood and could reflect things over last few months. Seems like 2006 JUST started; ironically McLane Pacific Road race this weekend-2 years ago my season started so early had over a half dozen races by this time and this was weekend of FINAL one. As left hand still can't close had wrapped bars with gel pad but like double tape on tops better.

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