Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Update on Mt Diablo Fire (feels like October, but it is September 2013--thx Scott)

There was a major fire that spread up Mt. Diablo from the Northeast side 2 weeks ago.  Mt. Diablo was closed for a week.  In the people that should go to hell department, burglars broke into one of the fire stations fighting the blaze and looted the fire station--but I digress.

Sky i red-orange from the sunlight going through the smoke caused by the Morgan Territory fire that raced up Mt. Diablo--and Morgan Territory is 10 miles away.
Mt. Diablo is now open and very little evidence of fire damage riding up Northgate Road--which comes in from the Northwest.  However, Summit Road which snakes higher and higher on the Northeast side tells different story.  Tractor marks from emergency vehicles are now embedded in the road surface.  The smell of "a huge campfire" lingers.  Then on the East side, half way up to Juniper (before the Toyon rest stop) devastation from the fire is apparent, both above and below the road.   Luckily the West side looks like it was untouched.

Close to Devil's Elbow is the first sign of fire damage "above" the road--with huge burn areas in front of the Summit.  I couldn't believe it when it was reported that the historic lookout building at the Summit was in danger but the fire did spread up to the 3,500' level.

Not to many cyclist on the road tonight, and none near the Summit.  Only other people at the top was local "weather lady" Roberta Gonzales and her cameraman, who were doing a remote. Good for them--getting out and publicizing Mt. Diablo.    We chatted briefly after her spot--I was surprised she knew about the "Death Ride;" later I learned she is a triathlete. 

Anyway 70% of Diablo looks great--if you don't go above the Junction from Northgate Road its 100%.  But above the Junction is another story.
Mt Diablo (in the distance) closed so did some muur climbs of Old Borges Ranch

About 1/2 mile from Juniper, before the Toyon picinic area,  the devastation hits you

Same place

Things look OK until about 1/2 mile from Devil's Elbow--then burnt out areas looking up (above) and down (below).

Melissa, my car pool buddy, said I should have stayed off to the side and yelled on air "YOU DOPES WHO VOTED AGAINST THE FIRE DEPARTMENT PARCEL TAX--WHAT DO YOU THINK NOW."  I think Melissa was joking.
Roberta Gonzales doing a remote from the top of Mt Diablo.  She is looking towards San Francisco, the area behind her is the Delta and East County.

Things are not all grim.  This is on the other side of the road from first area of devastation--the "Toyota" rest stop.  The emergency workers did a great job. 

It's almost fall--sunset comes quickly.

Back at the Northgate Entrance
 In case you missed the newscast.....bundle up..especially if you are going downhill.

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Diablo Scott said...

Nice update... but it's not October yet.

I've seen photos of Roberta G riding up the easy side.