Thursday, August 1, 2013

Mt Diablo-Morgan-Del Valle Double Metric Torture (2013)

(last Saturday in July 2013)  Mt Diablo-Morgan-Del Valle, w/ Ward, joined in parts by Jack, Dr. Dave and Diablo Cyclists, about 120 miles, 8500' climbing.  Too damn slow MPH

We interrupt our Flanders Vacation report for a short ride report.  Came back from vacation stoked for the Mt. Shasta Summit Double Metric challenge-with more climbing than the  Death Ride, in 3 weeks.   But upon landing got the airplane grunge-head cold.  So the following week was a waste, no riding--hell I could barely get out of bed and some days I just slept all day.  That weekend struggled through the Tunitas Creek metric course while my friends patiently waited for me but then took off quickly before I sneezed on them.

Glad I did the ride--CA Mike came up with one of the greatest lines ever.    We have to go down the Coast on Hwy 1 for about 5 miles and form a paceline, a nice looking woman is just starting out and she joins our paceline--going a businesslike 20 mph.  Then Ward and Cisco Dave go to the front and slowly ramp it up to 22mph.  We all want them to slow down but no one calls out, then the woman starts to drop off and we all tell Ward/ Cisco to slow. Then CA Mike yells out "NO WONDER YOU GUYS ARE SINGLE."

 Then I did Mt. Diablo 2x midweek with my slowest time in 10 years.  Oh yeah, I'm ready for Mt. Shasta, F--I'm already a shell of my former self from last year when I finished 16th in the Mt Tam Double race in early August.  Then I felt 35 years old--now I feel like I'm 75.

So Dr Dave and Ward hatched a plan to knock me into shape--the last weekend before the Mt Shasta Summit Double Metric.  Before the Diablo Cyclist club ride we'd leave early and go half way up Mt Diablo.  Then we'd catch the club for the Morgan climb.   Then Dave would start tapering for Mt Shasta and Ward would do my favorite ride, Patterson Pass with me.   Ward noted the high winds on Patterson Pass and sensibly started agitating for a Del Valle alternative.

Ride report--I rode well on the flats--late in the ride I bridged up to a too cool triathlete who whizzed by without calling out.   On the climbs I was terrible, upon exertion crap was still coming up.  Getting out of the mercifully short (1-2 mile) but steep Del Valle climb I was totally dehydrated.  Man, did I hate cycling.  Luckily a tub of Hammer Nutrition Diet Coke revived me.

So next week is Mt. Shasta.  I signed up for the double metric, which is 4 passes,  but I may hit the crystal museum or join an I-Am'ers hike after 1 pass.  

Ward and Dr Dave early morning heading towards Mt Diablo.   Where are the boats on the canal?

Ward, Dr. Dave and I going up Mt Diablo, thankful we are not in the fog layer to the West.
Before we head off for Morgan Ward dumping off clothes at Casa Dave with well landscaped front yard.
Dr. Dave is smiling as after the Morgan Climb, which we're heading towards,  he's done for the day.
Ward and I both stopped for this photo (this is Ward's)  the trestle which signals the beginning of the great Patterson Pass run in--to day we made a right turn and got off the course.  The windmills way down the road are turning quickly. 

Ward planned out a route where he, Jack and I hit every hill in Livermore towards Del Valle.

Alright--a pumpkin sign.

Leaving Del Valle I'm dead--Mt. Diablo in the background.
Passing vineyards in Livermore.

Needed stop at the Livermore Library--then thankfully relatively flat back to Walnut Creek.

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