Friday, May 17, 2013

Amgen Tour on Mt. Diablo--NOT (2013)

Excitement builds in the small cycling community as the pros approach Mt. Diablo.  Will every cyclist in the Bay Area be on mt. Diablo on Saturday,  No.  As some of us will be as far away as possible doing a self supported century.

Week started out nicely on Diablo--Monday was almost hot, but Tuesday and Wednesday rapidly cooled down at twilight.  Or cooled down long enough for Ward and Christine to laugh at Long and I when we put on jackets for the downhill. I saw a special guest at Juniper on Monday, but Dr. Dave had me beat when he took his "welcome retirement" training ride on Friday--though rumor has it he had to pay $10 for the photo and no autographs of any memorabilia not purchased directly from Barry.

 Rules and rules and motions in limine for behavior on Saturday.  All I know is the bathrooms were locked all week.   (PC)

 On Monday this little guy came out when unwrapping a Rice Krispie treat, no doubt knows good food (PC)
 Coming down Mt Diablo in a sleeveless vest is worth a million dollars.   Unfortunately jackets would be needed (for some of us) in two days (PC)
On Friday Dr. Dave spotted a celebrity at the Junction of Mt. Diablo.  It is rumored that Barry Bonds was happy to share his immense knowledge of cycling and cycling racing with everyone, (I guess Jeff Kent wasn't around) when he wasn't phoning his friend, lower on the mountain, and saying "well, do it or not but don't whine like a little girl."   Dr. Dave did NOT ask Barry why he wasn't wearing a SF Giants cycling jersey.  (Dr.D)

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