Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Sunday In Hell--Pt Reyes Station Lighthouse Ride (2013)

More wildflowers than we'll see in Chico by killer hairpin on Mt. Diablo (PC)
Some good evenings on Mt Diablo which turned slightly warmer every day--even if some asshole CYCLIST in a green kit came bombing downhill and was on the wrong side of the road. A few heavy rain showers last Sunday--so Diablo will be as green as it is going to get this year. Hopefully it will start turning brown soon--meaning the hot weather has moved in.

Asshole in green kit all over the road on the descent (PC)

Nice week in sports, baseball season began and baby daughter came up North to see the WORLD CHAMPIONS.

Tour of Flanders-Paris Roubaix week--the two most important and hardest 1 day races back to back and the pinnacle of the pro cycling season--even if Flanders took some of the magic out by removing the toughest climb, the Muur van Geraardsbergen, in order to make some more $$$$$.  Ex-teammate Toby rode the Tour of Flanders amature the day before--luckily he did the whole route which few did, so he didn't have to content with the chaos of people walking up and blocking the  cobbled climbs which happened to the larger group doing the short course.   Paris Roubaix was a great race--couldn't leave the house until it was over.  Hats off to Fabian Cancellara for winning the "double;" and seemingly a nice guy.

Sunday April 7, 2013 Marin Lighthouse, 80 miles, 5,500' climbing w Ward

Last week our Club was supposed to do the Marin Lighthouse ride but cancelled under threat of 40% chance of rain.  It turned out to be a beautiful day, with that we lost our last chance to ride out to the lighthouse sans cars.  During whale watching season, thru March, cars are pulled off the narrow, pock marked road weaving between the historic cattle ranches.
Elevation profile for this out and back with loads of recumbent friendly rollers (WI)

So today with only a 20% change of rain, I talked Ward into doing this (he did 80 miles of the Mines Road climb yesterday while I was at the ballpark.)  Winds of 20mph were forecast--not good when next to the ocean.  The good news is that the high winds never developed.  The bad news is we got hit with 100% rain from mile 10-20 of the ride.  But we pressed on. Weather was overcast and humid, and we had to go over the crap sections of the road as couldn't be selective with cars again allowed to drive to the Lighthouse.  

Highlight was seeing a Russian Style Bungalow built on Tomales Bay, riding through the Pt Reyes recreation area despite some traffic, and my reliving the Mt Tam Double race by two manning with Ward in the home stretch to catch up to someone who we rode with earlier.
Early morning, Big Rock climb almost immediate (PC)

We arrive in Nicasio under and overcast and dry sky--the dry part wouldn't last (PC)

This ride would have been much easier if we had lightweight skewers for our steel bikes (PC)

Russian Cabin on Tomales Bay (PC)

Peter Sagan was by in (hot) water next to the Russian Cabin close to Statue of the California Attorney General (WI)

Ward starts the Pt Reyes Rec area run in to the lighthouse.  Road is good for first half (until South Beach where they pull off cars in Winter-Early Spring) (PC)

Ward wondering why he did a hard ride two days in a row (PC)

On the other hand I sat on my backside all day yesterday so I am enjoying this (WI)

Historic farm and road going up (WI)

One of the Historic Farms. (PC)

"Cobblestone sections" begin after South Beach (PC above, WI below)

Final approach to the Lighthouse (Top & Bottom, WI; Middle, PC)

Alright--we are gonna see the killer whale jump thru hoops show (WI)

I am always soooo disappointed at the lighthouse, I never see whales (WI)

Pt Reyes Lighthouse -- Super Joe once ran down the stairs with cycling shoes (PC)

Half way through another great ride (Docent)

Down from the visitors center (PC)

The cycling fans come out to see Paris Roubaix Pt Reyes Lighthouse style (PC)

Our team car is parked at Pt Reyes Station (PC)

Crap, Ward got the last veggie whole wheat scone (PC)

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