Sunday, February 3, 2013

Super Bowl--Go 49ers

9 hours to go to kickoff--gonna go on a fixed gear ride and hopefully get home 1 hour before game time so I can miss the pre game shows.

Prediction 1-:22 Seconds left to go--Baltimore 23, 49ers, 21.    David Akers in for a 39 yard field goal which will win the game if good.........

Prediction 2-If Akers misses I'll get a text from Oakland Raiders fan CA Mike within  :22 seconds after game ends

If Akers hits I'll get a text a few days after from CA Mike complaining about fan behavior during the 49er Championship parade.


It almost came down to an Akers field goal and heard from Mike 1 hour after the game.  All I can say is, 2nd and 5

1) end around
2) Gore sweep
3) screen pass to Gore

I don't care much for Paul Harvey but the Pickup Truck-Farmer commercial was very very good

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