Thursday, June 14, 2012

Dis and Dat-Sequoia Century Jersey and Sierra Century Ramblings

Got a few emails from the Sequoia Century Organizers.  First one apologized for problems, but kinda made light of/ trivialized them.   Really no mention of having a lack of any basic food (except Hammer Nutrition Animal Crackers and Hammer Nutrition Halloween Candy) or the long long lines.

Next email from Sequoia Century was a chance to get a ride jersey to commemorate my ride.  I might get one if the jersey looked like this.

Argument with Ward about the World's Greatest Century, the Queen of the Century Rides, the Sierra Century.  He says I can't call a century the greatest if it hasn't been run (out of Plymouth via Slug Gulch and the El Dorado National Forest) for 7 years.  I claim that I can, much as I can call Theodore Roosevelt the greatest President.  In any event I hope I'm not disappointed as I'm sky high for this ride, that takes place in two counties with little traffic-decent to well paved roads (except for the start)--and about two stop signs per county.   Plus the Sacramento Wheelmen always ran a great show.

Funny in 2003 I was scared shitless of the 120 mile (10,000' climbing), in 2004 depressed and strung out after my dad died and my riding groups disappearance after everyone's secret social life blew up.    In 2005 I had a great ride with my new club, the Diablo Cyclists--but truthfully I don't remember what I felt like going into the ride.   As noted earlier I'm sky high for this--even with a forecast of a high of 97.

Even with a fire shutting down BART thus making the highway into a parking lot, stoked that I saw Matt Cain throw the first perfect game in NY/SF Giants history--man, did the pressure mount on everyone inning by inning.  Doubly stoked as got my good bike back from Mr. Robinson where it was discovered that Shimano 10 speed derailleur barely works with 9 speed shifters.  Problem solved and relatively inexpensive 9 speed derailleur correction instead of expensive shifters.  

Hey, if Mr. Paris Roubaix, Lance Armstrong, gets dq'd from his Tour wins for his doing convictions, does my man, Richard Virenque, win any of these?   (IMO it is ridiculous to retroactively dq Armstrong, while it is equally ridiculous for the Lance-o-phial's to still believe he never doped--read the David Walsh book)

Yesterday went half way up Mt. Diablo after gaining 13 lbs---6 lbs on my backup bike with heavy wheels and 7 lbs on my bike stereo with Blaupunkt speakers, a power amp and lead acid battery.  I've done that before when its cool in winter---doing it on a warm day was little fun--but seemed like a good idea before I did it.

OK--most important thing to do before a long ride is to get a good night sleep two days before the event...

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Anonymous said...

Scary to think ride organizers actually read Pumpkin blog. Remember that I got into trouble a few years back after being quoted in GPumpkin that Planet Ultra needed to take notes on how "Grand Tour" was run so much better.
Dr. Dave