Monday, October 17, 2011

Music Discovered 2011-Metric--Dead Disco (Live)

OK--after a week I still had the guitar riffs and organ fill in my head through most of the Davis Foxy Falls 100. The live song starts with a taste of the instruments, morphs into a pop tune, moody jazz rock, live vamping and then at 8:50 the song blows up with an incredible wall of sound. Modern day When the Music's Over. Trying to out spin the instruments, great riding group, and two racing kids helped me set a personal century mph average of 19.2--details of the ride soon.

Thanks to Stephen for turning me onto Pandora Radio this year--and hearing a bunch of new music--at least new to me. Then You Tube is great to check out live versions. To this point in 2011

1-Dead Disco-Metric
2-In Shreds-The Chameleons
3-Noisy at the Circus-Daydream Vacation
4-Paper Tigers-The Chameleons
5-Boom Like That-Mark Knofler
6-Waking Up-Elastica
7-Echo Beach-Martha and the Muffins
8-Are You Down-Lucinda Williams

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