Monday, August 1, 2011

Trip to Southern California to visit Jessie at her new place in West Hollywood--one of the best urban walking areas in America in the center of car centric from hell Los Angeles. So we wound up walking everywhere--thinking we'd only view the HOLLYWOOD sign from afar we started up with Bierkenstocks/ flip flops and not enough suntan lotion for a 2 mile hike up the Hollyridge trail. First part is a shared horse path and full of horse shit--great baking in the sun.

But second part is paved. First good view of San Fernando Valley. Then eventually up past the HOLLYWOOD sign (the areas immediately around the sign is fenced in with strict no trespassing enforced) With great views of welcome messages and the Los Angeles basin (though downtown is hardly visible through the smog.) Next day we walked in the opposite direction and into Beverley Hills. Luckily the stores were closed in the early morning (except for a Rite-Aid pharmacy where we could afford refreshments.)