Sunday, June 19, 2011

Marin-Marshall Wall 2x Century-2011

(June 18, 2011) Pt Reyes Station from San Rafael, via Nicasio, Cheese Factory, Marshall Wall, Hwy 1, Pt. Reyes Station--60 miler with Diablo Cyclists, I did Cheese Factory-Marshall Wall, Hwy 1, Pt Reyes Station loop 2x for 100 miles, 16.5 mph Graph from Ward Industries-I mutilated it and probably put bonus mile loop, @33 miles, in wrong place. First climb of day is to Big Rock, 2nd is to cheese factory, 3rd is Marshall Wall. No really big climbs but rollers with 1 1/2 mile climbs for most of the day. Wavy lines around miles 40 & 70 are along Hwy 1.

Great weather/ great group. I love the terrain which is part of the Mt. Tam Double. A little pissed all week re Alta Alpina--I went out real easy with goal of doing 8 passes--if I knew I was going to die out with altitude sickness I would have gone much harder while I was 'still standing.' I did an easy couple of mile preride to check out a local farmer's market--and lucky I did as the first section of this course is 1) the mass--go balls out start of the Mt Tam Double, 2) another bike club left a few minutes before us, 3) and after last week I wanted to put more energy in my ride--so from the start to Nicasio I went out real hard, nice slow course that I like as climb up to Big Rock. I caught and passed most of the first bike club to leave--on the downhill Ward joined me and we two manned past anyone else left.

At Nicasio we waited for our club doing loops around town--dare not stop as legs would lock up. We were on good behavior out to the Cheese Factory--well I was. A few riders back in the paceline Ward was yelling at a guy with headphones who we passed and tried to cut in between a few of our riders.


At a short (and smelly) break at the Cheese Factory, where Christine showed that she intended to follow in Ansel Ward's footsteps and produced a camera with a camera bag cleverly attached to the stem, it was off to do the Marshall Wall loop. I LOVE THE MARSHALL WALL LOOP. Starts out flat and then turns up and gets gradually steeper and steeper, where at milepost 9.23, it kicks severely up for 1 1/2 miles where it then plunges on a gnarly road around the same length down to the Coast. Not to early to try a breakaway--the group led by Jim caught me and then Jim and Dave attacked in succession--Jim with 1000 watts of power and Dave a real good climber. Luckily Ward didn't attack, he's a little slower than Jim but can carry his speed over a time trial. . Conterattacked both and then Mark came by--him being regional cyclocross champ forgone conclusion that he'd ride backward up Marshall Wall faster than me--but if I could stay with him to the big climb I could get rid of pesky Dr. Dave. Everything went off as planned, and I enjoyed the ride thinking that this "training" for Mt. Tam Double is 2x as hard as this segment during the event. Even the downhill was nice--Mr. Cold Wimp didn't stop to put on a vest.


Regroup at Peace Bell over Hwy 1 and then pacelined along Bodega Bay/ Highway 1. Great that we stayed together so well, as this may be flattest part of ride but broken up with frequent short but steep rises. Big Jim did alot of pulling though Ward was trying to arrange a class picture and send Jim to the back. Meanwhile Christine has the back of the line covered.

Pt. Reyes Station full of cyclists--and the 2nd best bakery in California--the Bovine Bakery. We were all trying to share more and more desert with Mark to slow him down. Long stop here, and then off on rollers past Nicasio Reservoir--soon we'd make a right turn and go back 12 miles via Nicasio--Big Rock, but with the help of the tailwind that picks up as the day goes on.

Nice ride but to fn short, sometimes we start the day going up Mt. Tam. OK--why not do the Marshall Wall loop again? So I solo'd back to the Cheese Factory, where bikers (the ones's that make noise) were having a huge party in the back and the Marin Sheriff's were abundant in the parking lot. Now a nice civil pace to the Marshall Wall. Now a cool breeze blowing in so time for arm warmers. On Hwy 1 after the Peace Bell drop now oyster bars in packed--watch those cars going all over the place looking for a parking spot. Got lazy on Hwy 1 until some guy passed, caught up to him and bs'd for a few minutes0--nice guy, and I pulled him to Pt. Reyes Station. OK--NO STOP FOR MORE VEGAN OAT SCONES. Weather close to Nicasio warmed up nicely and tailwind while climbing a 3% grade is my favorite terrain. Short climb from this side to Big Rock and counted the 22 turns on the downhill--good mechanism to keep me calm on it which used to terrify me. Then tailwind/ slight downhill back to the car just when odometer tuns to 101.

Below photos courtesy of Ward and Christine. By now I don't know who took what though I think if Christine is in photo clue that Ward took photo.

Christine taking in the view from Big Rock at the top of the first short but steep climb.

Diablo Cyclists paceline out of Nicasio.

Ward and Jim driving paceline most of the day.

Don too tired to shift so he took his fixed gear on the ride.

At Cheese Factory Dr. Dave demonstrates what he'll be showing the the St. Mary's offensive line this year.

Christine takes photos at the Golden Pond at the Cheese Factory.

Dave and Christine start the run in to the Marshall Wall--I think I still liked Dr. Dave at this point.

Ward starting the Marshall Wall run in--9.23 miles to the WALL.

I regroup with Amy and Mark at the "Peace Bell" Church off Hwy 1.

OK-I admit it--cheap thrills, I like ringing the Peace Bell.

Amy on Hwy 1--Bodega Bay in the background.

Christine on Hwy 1.

Dave on Hwy 1.

Ward trying to arrange size places for the class photo of the pelaton.

Instead of mugging for the camera I'm trying to ignore Ward or Christine.

Jim leading the pelaton along Hwy 1.

Mark followed by Don.

Christine following Ward's lead and photoing the back of the pelaton.

Pt. Reyes Station picnic area next to the Bovine Bakery.

Another bike club arrives.

Enjoying the baked goods.

Great group, weather and route--I'm enjoying the day.

I always wanted to try a recumbent seat.

Practicing for an Aerosmith concert--cuing up at the Pt Reyes Station bathroom.

Ward by Nicasio Reservoir

Dr. Dave-Jeanne-Mark-Don by Nicasio Reservior

Jeanne passing Lucas Ranch, I think the owner made a few movies.


Anonymous said...

I don't yell at people who try to force their way into the middle of our paceline. I politely tell them they are welcome at the back of the line, and I politely tell them that headphones are not permitted. However, if I'm riding next to you and you can't hear me, so I need to tap you on the shoulder to get your attention, then you will be asked to GTFO (politely of course).

Pumpkincycle said...

My mistake--no yelling unless the guy is ALSO are riding in tri-bars along with headphones and weasling into the paceline.