Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Santa Rosa Wine Country Double Metric Century-2011

(May 7, 2011) Santa Rosa Wine Country Double Metric Century, 120 miles, 6,600' elevation, With Ward, Christine, Jeanne, and Jim (for at least the first 7 hours.) 16.6mph. Christine isn't the only one with dedicated fan, Dr Dave was a no show for this ride, but his fans were out--please see disclaimer at the end re Foto Funnies. Wonder if the guy holding the sign is named Vince. (Photocrazy+WI+WI+PC =trouble)

This ride has the greatest course. Many small rollers, some steep rollers and a few long rollers at the beginning, back road riding through $$$$ wineries and down the Pacific Ocean. Course couldn't get better--unless Sonoma County decided to pave some of their roads. (Even in good economic times, with taxes multi million dollar wineries, Sonoma County lets their roads go to hell.) Great support by the Santa Rosa Cycling Club.

This is a ride we can keep the Club together, unfortunately because of brevets and this ride registration closing fast we had a small but dedicated and fun group. Also a malingering group, 1:48 at rest stops, albeit the stiffness when finally leaving it was good to be lazy and enjoy rests stops after last weeks Devil Mountain. Especially after getting poured on 2 years ago, and doing an end-o over a fallen rider last year, this ride was GREAT. Ward-o-Garmin graph--of course Colin's Garmin would have showed rain and 2x as much climbing.
*** Jim at Ocean Song--first rest stop before dropping down to the Coast, which Jim would basically pull us down in a blustery head-cross wind. (PC)

The plan was for me to get off the bike and get photo with "skeleton" but it suddenly got gusty and cool, and stayed that way until we turned inland again. (WI)

***) We're at the traditional team photo spot in front of the choppy Pacific--so cold at Ward didn't switch places to get into the photo. (WI)

Back inland it was nice and warm--but first sign of trouble, Jim, Jeanne and Ward comfortable on the ramp. Jeanne would be able to do this in two weeks when she attempts her first double. (PC)


The pelaton and the traditional Wohler Bridge Crossing . A real scenic water crossing.(WI)

***) Usually grape fields, funky architecture or rustic bridges to "nowhere" off to the side (PC)


It will now be kinda flat through vineyards to lunch. Out of the bike photographers Miles usually takes the best photos, but for some reason he chose to shoot this one with us coming out of the shadows. Jeanne is hiding in the shadows behind Jim. (Miles Photography)

)*** Oh-here is an earlier one along the Russian River where you can see Jeanne (WI)


Donna and her Delta Pedaler group were doing the 100 mile loop and enjoying the great lunch spot near Lake Sonoma. (WI)

***) I think I found Hammergel/ Dr. Bill's West Coast research lab (PC)


At last rest stop Ward thinking about putting up patriotic bunting around the Ward Industries Concord factory. (PC)

***) One roller thrown in at the end--Chalk Hill. Years ago I did the 120 mile route and struggled over this, and thought this would be the hardest climb I'd ever do (WI)

***) Christine flying over Chalk Hill. (PC)


Jeanne thinking about "Judgement Day" on May 21st--when she does the Davis Double. (WI)

***.Had to get this Photocrazy Photo--we are all stoked--even if Christine did not get the memo re the color jersey to wear. Notice the great Pumpkin/ Domo Farm Frites bag on Ward's handlebars. (Photocrazy)


End of ride meal--Doug and Joni-super friendly doubles riders (well Doug always is, Joni is when she is off the bike) who did a great job at rest stops last week on DMD. They deserve the pile of cookies--foreground (ok-truth be told the cookies are a prop I brought over) (JK)

The following Foto Funnies are brought to you by Ward Industries. The opinions and contents of the photos are the sole responsibility of Ward Industries and do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Pumpkincycle management. Any resemblance to a non-fictional character--either living or deceased, is strictly coincidental.

Jim has new 200mm cranks(WI).Jeanne sick of Cytomax and Heed by 2nd rest stop. (WI).On top of Chalk Hill I try to provide inspiration to Donna's group by singing a religious song--Patti Smith's Gloria. (WI)Super Sag Driver Lee Mitchell usually drives by with nothing more rocking than Clearance Clearwater coming out of the speakers. For years I've been yelling at him when he passes to play "The Doors." Today my gang of delinquents joined in--at the end Lee was signing Doors tunes. (WI)

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