Saturday, August 28, 2010

Fun Interval of the Year

Cisco Dave, County Line Chris, Dr. Dave, Stephen, Ward and I going up a gentle but longish climb, Pinehurst Road-Redwood Road, towards the Oakland Hills. Stephen used to race for all county lines but he, Ward and I had a truce since early spring when we were getting too competitive. Last week Christine went for a county line herself, celebrated excessively, and new rider Cisco Dave dubbed her "County Line Chris." I'd go for county line signs just to give Stephen a workout, but usually I ignore them and get motivated when an unfriendly rider passes or we see another rider moving at a good pace up ahead and try to catch.

Sooooo, yesterday we start up Pinehurst and there is a county line somewhere; Stephen probably knows the exact spot. We are all riding in a pace and all of a sudden I see a rider about 500' ahead (and a slower rider off the back) so I turn on the gas. I soon get away from our group, good climbers all, and pass the rider off the back, female, so I assume she's riding with the guy setting a nice pace ahead. Supposedly I passed the county line first ??, but aim was to reach the rider up ahead before we reached the top. A fun interval.

Get closer and rider ahead is a thin woman, riding a nice looking Merckx bike, who I reach and pull in behind. Dr. Dave, Cisco Dave and Stephen soon join and everyone says something innocuous--I think I said something like "nice pace, and nice Merckx bike--the bike of Domo Farm Frites." Finally woman turns around and says slowly in a real nice voice....

Sorry no photo of coed, but Ward Industries Photo Spy Satellite is on the blink, needs to be retrofitted as it couldn't take the stress loads and has to add lateral bracing. Ad for Limar Helmets will have to stand in.

"If I knew we were racing I would have given you guys a workout"

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