Tuesday, March 30, 2010

PT. Reyes Lighhouse Ride-A "Chico Century"-2010

(March 27, 2010) PT. REYES LIGHTHOUSE RIDE---First half of the ride photos going out to the lighhouse on Diablo Cyclist site http://public.fotki.com/DiabloCyclists/dc-photos-2010/pt-reyes-lighthouse/

91 miles, 5500' climbing, nothing serious but lots of Italian (too long to power over) rollers. Now is the time of year to go out to Pt. Reyes Lighthouse as:

1) weather better than in the summer when it is constantly foggy and wind blowing at 20mph+
2) now whales are passing Pt. Reyes Lighthouse (big fn deal-elephant seals at other end of park are a better animal attraction) which means more tourists, but....
3) cars are pulled off the narrow winding road to the Lighthouse this time of year, so the last @5 miles to the Lighthouse, where the road gets the most undulating through cattle guards around the historic cattle ranches is devoid of motor vehicles except for the occassional shuttle bus.
Ride statistics from Ward Industries. Any good photo on this page from Ward Industries, and crappy one PumpkinCycle took.
Only time Joe stopped was when he got excited about this spot for a group photo on the way back to civilization. (WI)

Sarah riding the rollers through the desolate cattle ranches with the Pacific (and NO cars) in the background (PC, WI)

Pelaton leaving the Pt. Reyes recreation area--this is so pretty it should be an oil painting. (WI, PC enhanced)

Leaving the Pt. Reyes Recreation area, regroup and to see if anyone wants an Oyster lunch. (PC)

Down the road another chance for Oysters. (PC)

Back in Pt Reyes Station, with Stephen only finding a banana, calling for oyster takeout--I think he's saying "do you deliver?" (PC)

Deja vu- Christine & Todd thinking they saw Pt Reyes Station earlier in the day. (?)

"Oh my god, I thought he retired, what's he doing in downtown Pt Reyes Station "--lady in shock in seeing great Belgium strongman Ludo Dierckxsens--only cyclist who could get away wearing a goofy trial helmet when not in a time trial and not look stupid. (WI)

Jack on the way to the Cheese Factory, dreaming of Velvetta. (WI)

Rest stop at the Cheese Factory--only added a few miles to the road but a nice climb. (PC)

Fine art at the cheese factory. (WI)

Todd doing a great job pulling the line around Nicasio--we're signing him up to help on a segment of the Mt. Tam Double race along the same roads (WI)

Only Bay Area St. Mary's that didn't lose in basketball last week. I'm going for Easter services before the crowd arrives. (WI)

Clint wasn't on this ride and Rusty and I not riding together late in the day, so the residents are safe. (WI)

Best thing about a 100 mile ride is taking off the fn cycling shoes and putting on the Bierkenstocks. (WI) Our new Diablo Cyclist team vehicle arrives. (WI)

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im still crying laughing! Too funny! Rusty is on the floor! You slay me!