Friday, February 19, 2010

A Short Message From the Bike Snob

"Personally, I believe the best way to promote the cause of cycling is to not be an idiot when you're riding your bike."
--Bike Snob NYC

In my next life I'd like to write as clearly, concisely, and hit interesting points as often as the Bike Snob NYC, who writes about cycling and social issues (no not serious ones, more like mass hysteria or lunacy) in a tone which sounds like Woody Allen is talking to you. His above quote leapt off the computer screen--it's spot on.

Rest stop at the Los Vaquaros Watershed (pumpkincycle photo)

Talking about idiots, wonder how many sheep will be on Century rides who have given their Postal kit to the Goodwill store, and now will be decked out in the uniform of the day, the butt ugly TeamShack kits with the overpriced yellow Lance Giro helmet. (Loved in 2004 when someone would proudly brag that they had the $120 Lance Giro helmet and I'd retort well I have the helmet of the worlds greatest cyclist and I paid half that. It was an orange & black version of Johan's 2002 Paris Roubaix helmet, obtained on clearance--i should have bought a half dozen.) Just please ride in a straight line and single file--even you Team in Training folks.

postscript-A few days after this post the following letter appeared in Velonews: The Journal of Competitive Cycling.

Feb 17, 2010


Dear Velo,

I watched the Tour de France, Tour Down Under, and would watch more if they were televised.

I have followed Lance Armstrong's career for many years. I read all the books by or about him. I want to see, hear and read ALL I can about him!

He is the idol of many people, especially those fighting cancer. I enjoy hearing about other teams in the race but Lance is the one I want to know all the details, about what he is doing in the races or in every day life. I can say, I believe I am not alone. I could go on and on about reasons I follow him closely and others not so much, but I'll stop here.


C.H.; Karnak, Illinois

Noam Chomsky once said

" And in fact it's striking to see the intelligence that's used by ordinary people in (discussions of) sports (as opposed to political and social issues). I mean, you listen to radio stations where people call in -- they have the most exotic information and understanding about all kind of arcane issues. " (from Manufacturing Consent)

Chomsky is definitely wrong. Maybe he's right when it comes to baseball, football, golf fans that have esoteric information and understand arcane issues. Most cycling fans have no clue there are any other races than what Lance does and that he has continually ducked or done poorly in other important races.

Fans of other sports are not be as myopic as cycling fans. Some hypothetical examples if stars in other sports acted like Lance.


How can anyone consider Tiger Woods the greatest golfer ever—even if he has won 7 US Opens in a row. He must be nervous about pot bunkers, as he has always skipped the British Open, usually dominating the Greater Kalamazoo Open instead-saying that that course will help in him better prepare for the US Open. And the few times he's entered the Masters he's never contended for the victory—again indicating he's working on kinks in his swing for the US Open. His whole season seems to revolve around winning the US Open, and everything else is just practice.


Barry Bonds may have won the home run title, but he isn't the greatest ever as he's mighty selective. No, not selective regarding the pitches he swings at. Ever notice that whenever a lefty with a great fastball is pitching, Barry has to rest that night. In the last 5 games the Giants had against Randy Johnson Barry has been out of the lineup. And at huge Petco Park , Barry has played—0 times—when Jake Peavy starts. Such selectivity of when he plays hurts his team.


Kobe Bryant is the bestest, greatest basketball player ever. The newspaper should write more about Kobe. TV should only show Laker Games.

Jim, Long Beach, Age 8

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Anonymous said...

This man is brilliant. Should be writing for the New York Times and maybe speeches for Meg Whitman. Pelosi.
-- Noam Chomsky