Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Just viewed some of CBS's mid 1980's coverage of Paris Roubaix. Much better than the ad naseum human interest--Lance, Lance, Lance coverage of OLN/ Verus (when Liggett & Sherwin are not broadcasting.) CBS made an attempt to put the course, region and race in historical perspective and show why it is so hard.

Greg LeMond is there in 1986 racing the course--he's done the race numerous times. (In 1987 he is recovering from injury & shown in Volcano--one of my favorite Gold Country towns.) So is an American team--7-Eleven. It's strange to see most riders without helmets.

Some interesting comments from the announcers--before the Tour de Lance became the be all and end all.

John Tesh-"It is said that no cyclists can claim to have had a brilliant career without first winning Paris Roubaix." (1986 broadcast)

(Young) Phil Liggett-"Everyone agrees you are about to witness the toughest, craziest, bike race on Earth." (1986 broadcast)

(Still young) Phil Liggett-"the difficulties ahead make this the hardest race on Earth." (1987 broadcast)

John Dockery-"(Paris Roubaix) is a race so brutal and dangerous, if it was conceived today it might possibly be banned." (1987 broadcast)

Think they could say this today without repercussions??


Anonymous said...

Are you suggesting that Lance isn't THE GREATEST RACER EVER!!!! Where the hell do you live? I'm going to burn down your house, you un-American prevert!
-- Dr. Anonymous

Anonymous said...

Re: previous person's comment--
It's a shame when sick people make unwarranted threats, thinking they are being funny, when they are actually deeply disturbed. There is nothing funny about suggesting physical harm to others.
ps Lance IS the best racer ever, and if that previous idiot doesn't know it, somebody should punch him in the nose. Just kidding, of course.