Sunday, October 4, 2009

Giants Road Trip-2009

(October 2, 2009) A year flies by. Last September went on a road trip with my youngest daughter to see a SF Giants/ Padres series at San Diego Petco Park. Was blown away by the friendliest ballpark staff around. Petco also a very easy facility to access--though the outfield is a little tricked out (a little of everything.) Must be the only park with one foul ground bullpen and one outfield bullpen.

A year later and both my daughters live in So Cal. (I can't stand So Cal--land of traffic and huge squat buildings designed by Albert Speer.) Time was tight so I met them and we only went to one game. Even though Giants mathematically eliminated still good times watching a wrapup of a good Giants season among the great Petco Park staff.
Talking about friendly, real treat thanking Mike Krukow and Duane Kuiper for doing such a great job broadcasting Giants games this year. (Watched a lot as stayed away from Pac Bell Park after the Tim Lincecum Bobblehead fiasco where they were mainly given out to the fans entering the ballpark accessing expensive seats.) There is still no one as good as Hank Greenwald calling a bad game, but Krukow and Kuiper may be the best team going calling both a great game and stinker. Luckily lots of close games to call this year. Unfortunately Kuiper's perfect signature line for this season in THE extra inning Rockies game, "this is not good folks."

Krukow told us it was good that we came down to San Diego, as Dodger Stadium is not safe for Giants fans. It's ironic that the city of the future, Los Angeles, has become the Bronx of the 1970's.
2008 2009, one year later Krukow and Kuiper haven't changed much

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