Sunday, February 22, 2009

Obama "The Socialist"

For my economic recovery how about all the Conservative big mouths sends me $1 every time they repeat this canard. We keep hearing over and over about the reckless Obama economic recovery plan--I'll send back $1 every time they are fair. I'll make lots of $$$....Republicans have real short memory.

5 shorts months ago--George Bush Recovery Package......for the Financial Industry, was $700 billion!!!* (*the figure when Bush addressed the nation on 9/24/08--forget the $11 billion a month being pissed away in Iraqi, or the $50+ previous billion AIG rescue package and billions in GM/FORD "loans" that will never be paid back...)

Socialism?? On 10/10/2008 Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson said that the Bush administration will move ahead with a plan to buy stock in financial institutions.

Meanwhile--with government asleep for the past dozen years you get a $50 BILLION dollar ponzi security fraud scheme that regulators neglected and peanut butter plants that avoided government inspection while it mixed dead rodents and bird feathers in with the food.

A peanut processing plant in Texas run by the same company blamed for a national salmonella outbreak operated for years uninspected and unlicensed by government health officials, The Associated Press has learned (AP 2/4/09)

Yep-Get Obama the socialist off the backs of business and let them do what they are good at.

3/3/09-Gene Burns, middle of the road non ideologue* radio talk show host on KGO (*ran for President on Libertarian Party in the 1980's but he is one of the few talk hosts who take an independent--no predictable position on each issue) got pissed off at all the callers whining about Obama leading us down the Socialist path.

"Socialism is the least of our problems...we now have capitalism gone berzerk"-Gene Burns

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