Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gruppo Pumpkincycle

As a link the Gruppo Pumpkincycle web site (2003-2008) is at http://www.geocities.com/pumpkincycle/gruppopumpkincycle.html

If you like ride reports and don't mind grandma (sic) and usage and misspelling minefields you may enjoy the stories about touring in Italy http://www.geocities.com/gruppopumpkincycle2003/2004italya.html. It's been a long, strange journey from 2003 when I was scared about the greatest double metric Century which is no longer in existence, the Sierra Century of Amador and El Dorado County. http://www.geocities.com/pumpkincycle/gruppopumpkincycle11a.html. Then the Death Ride, and Italy and some of the hard double rides like the Terrible Two, Devil Mountain Double... and my current favorite--the Mt. Tam Double http://www.geocities.com/johanknaven/07M.html, where last year I finished in the top 10% of riders.

Geocities is a pain in the butt to edit, hence moving over to posting ride report on blogs, which should be a lot cleaner.

Now a member of a great road riding club, the Diablo Cyclists, which is what I had hoped Gruppo Pumpkincycle would be--a club for folks who loved adventurous rides without tons of bureaucratic crap. Who would have guessed in 2003-04 that such a Club was one town over.

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