Saturday, March 15, 2008


Back to COLD (now I'm really a wimp) Northern California where I lead the Diablo Cyclist on an almost century on an out and back to the Pt Reyes Lighthouse, and back with a detour to the Cheese Factory. Endless debate whether the ride has hills or just a series of rollers. This is the time of year to go as weather at Pt Reyes is better than it is in the summer, and as wale watching season cars are pulled off the narrow, crappy road to the Lighthouse. (95 miles, 5000' climbing)

The next day, starting Donna's Davis Double Prep, we rode 85 mile to Calavaras Rd., me on a fixed gear.

Next weekend a fast slugfest for the first 40 miles of our Diablo Cyclist ride with repeated attacks. As route was changed at the last minute due to slick roads in the Oakland Hills, with no firm regroup points (or route) we lost 2/3 of the starters by the time we finished beating each other up to Livermore via Collier Canyon. From there Ward, Jack and I decided to ride out to Calavaras and back--intensity down a notch or two--another self supported century. (100 miles, 4000' climbing)

Housekeeping note
After the above post in 2008 I was getting tired of the clunky Yahoo Geocities (eg. couldn't edit a typo without reformatting the page, limited photo space) and switched to this better Google Blogger format. In 2009 Yahoo indicated they were closing Geocities unless owners of the sites forked over $$$. To that end--everything preceeding this post was transferred over from Yahoo Geocities, with some posts recreated that Yahoo Geocities prematurely dropped. All entries after this were original to this site.

Anyway, to steal from the rock song its been a long strange trip since I started "seriously cycling" in 2003. I hope this site conveys some of the fun along the way, and some detail about certain courses, urging you to give some ride you thought impossible a shot.

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