Sunday, October 1, 2006

Great Summertime Irony-2006

Now that long distance season over, been staying local on Sundays and doing an out an back to Los Vaquaros Reservoir with Donna-a flat, windswept 35 miles with a short/ steep climb at the turnaround. Nice to start whenever we wake up--finish breakfast, and then get back before noon to do other things. My old club--Delta Pedalers do THEIR RIDE (they don''t do much else) on Sunday mornings from the other direction--so at the Reservoir I see many people I know. Many people really nice, but somehow when they get together mass dysfunction ensues.

A few weeks ago I went to their meeting as my friend John was presenting a slide show of his trip to France. Before the presentation a new bike shop showed up, and cool owner said that he'd be happy to open early so that club can start ride from his shop, he'll leave out a pump etc. I just started chuckling before he was shot down--this concept already boobytrapped 2-3 years ago. Last week Donna started getting an email stream debating when the start time should be changed, if the ride coordinator can unilaterally change the start time, what THE BOARD decided years ago, the weather for the first week of daylight savings time next March, blah, blah blah. This week at Los Vaquaros when I was about to leave one of the DP groups pulled in (they don't regroup like the Diablo Cyclists so only 1/3rd of the riders there, and some had started at 8-, some at 9-) and one of the Club Founders was pestering everyone ad naseum regarding the start time.. He looked at me and said "I'm not asking you as you don't ride with us anymore." No shit, wonder why. Earlier I had seen the earnest ride coordinator who had tried to set the start times and was wondering why he took such a thankless job. (One person showed up for his last out of town ride) Later leaving I saw my friend John who rolled his eyes and said this start time redux had gone on all morning.

Didn't have the heart to tell the Founder to check the latest issue of Cycle California (October 06) where the ride is listed. Earlier this week, when Donna told me about the start time controversy, I checked the newest issue of CC to see what start time was listed. Everything up to date in Delta Pedaler-ville, Jo Jo and Whiny Mike listed as the ride leaders--maybe accurate 3 years ago. How f'n ironic--perfect on a lot of levels.How cute-Whiny Mike & Jo Jo listed together as the ride leaders 2+ years after everything blew up. Gotta love it.

Meanwhile, new club, Diablo Cyclists, have riding events with minimal fuss. Diablo Cyclists Up Mt Hamilton From "Amy Ranch"Finally made the sorta end of riding season bbq-ride at Amy-Mark Family Ranch and it was great. In 2004 I really didn't want to bs with anyone after Gruppo Pumpkincycle debacle, in 2005 I was on the East Coast, so this was first time attending. Great 35 mile ride up the EZ side of Mt. Hamilton. No one wanted to go down the west side and climb the hard side--mostly me as still suffering from riding Knoxville while injured. Mt Hamilton ride brought back non-fond memories of Devil Mountain Double--where on this part any bump was shooting through my foot.--Top of observatory brought back strange memory of Doug/ I getting snowed on last year, and people out of it running Mt Hamilton Challenge. Back to the present with great bbq with surreal view of San Jose valley beyond trampoline. Photos by Ward

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